On Friday, Drama Queen randomly asked if Santa was real.  I told her that Santa did live once upon a time.  "But is he real?"  she asked emphatically again.  I responded that I would no lie to her, and again repeated that at one time, Santa was a real person.  That seemed to satisfy her.  Or at least she stopped asking.  Santa isn't a big deal to me.  Or my children.  Regardless of the mythical present bearer, they will get presents and that's what interests them.

Today she asked if we could plant our garden on the first day of spring.  I informed her that no, we couldn't plant until May or the seeds would not grow.  I do have our Spring Equinox celebration in the works, so we'll see if that helps her desire for spring and growth of things.  Though in part she's just eager to plant things in hope of attracting faeries.  She's going to plant flowers and watermelon and cucumbers and carrots.  In fact I'd better go order the seeds for those last three.......if Baker's Creek still has any left!

Hazel Mae enjoyed carrots today.  It was her first time having them and she ate almost half a jar!

Today we finally got a sign of why Hazel has had numerous fussy fits day and night for a week or two now.
Look close and you can see her gum is now bumped up next to her existing tooth.

Mischief came to me today...with a belt around her arms.  "I bad guy, Mom.  I trapped!  Need do my legs, Mom!"  I grabbed a second belt and obliged.  Here she is doing her best "bad guy" look.

She was quite upset that I wouldn't leave the green belt on her.
And because I don't want to leave DQ out, here's the only picture I captured of her.  She's a very active child.

And lastly........Hazel enjoys cruising.  And attempts to climb the dining chairs.  Though I didn't get the camera in time, she was on her tiptoes so she could hang on the bar just above her head.


sleepless said…
DARLING PHOTOS...........Love the bad guy tie down..hilarious !!!! A is changing..less baby look. so cute..thanks for sharing !!!! Carrots are good H !!!!

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