Pictures on the wall

Yesterday Mr. Man made a comment about how we needed to put pictures back up on our walls.  We had a few on the wall above the tv, but that was about it due to re-arranging and the beams holding up the ceiling, wallpapering, etc.

So last night I pulled out all the pictures and all the frames we have (and we have a lot) and I pulled out old pictures and put in new and well, didn't get much done!  Anyway, here's what's up so far.

Re-arranged the pictures above the tv.  Different frames, different pictures.  I intend to one day paint this wall a color like this:
Anyway, photos that are now up above the TV:
 Ignore the mess on top of the entertainment center.
 And now in the empty space next to the door under the carport (technically our back door, but it's the one we use all the time).  We used to have a coat hanger here.....
 I'm going to put some vinyl underneath it I think, I just need to decide what......
 And here's today's little helper.

Obviously some of the frames are still missing pictures, but my shutterfly order should be here sometime this week, and then that problem will be solved.  The family picture we took in December will be moved to the blue room which I WILL get "TSP"ed and primed AND painted this week.  (let's not point out that my brain still thinks it's Monday).


sleepless said…
Your helper is darling. You have nice photos and frames..I think it is a great idea to get them up so they can be admired !!
Juli said…
I have picture frames hanging on the wall by the backdoor finally.

Now I just have to wait until payday so I can print out the pictures I have edited for the frames.

It's a project I'm working on that combines a bunch of Pinterest ideas.

As you can imagine.... Tony is thrilled (with the big eye roll) that I have ANOTHER project going. :)
April said…
ohhhhhh nice, so you're going to get everything painted, how exciting it will look so much nicer painted:) Love the pictures on the walls I'll have to come see them in person

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