Not only is it a fun game that even a 5 year old can play, but you can also use it to:
  • learn colors
  • learn shapes
  • count
  • practice patterns
  • make matches
  • build towers
  • introduce the circle to the square and invite them to be friends
  • satisfy your OCD of lining things up 
  • entertain your little sister

A warm day.  A trip to the park.  A walk along the path reading the plaques telling what tree was each.  A bag full of treasures.  Time to build, dig, dance, crack a few acorns, and eat a few pinecones.

Oh, what a happy day!


Julianna said…
I love that you didn't immediately take the pine cone away. Kids need to know for themselves that the pine cone tastes yucky. :)

And that acorn... awesome!
Shannon said…
Great photos Abby!
Laurel said…
I love the new look for the blog and the new pics of the girls. The bright colors are awesome! Where did you do them?

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