Saturday morning

And the wind is roaring.  Dad is at work already though he'd rather be snoring.
Hour after hour of Ireland on TV, boring.
So what if I can't go out and play, I know what I'll do today.....

Nope, no library.

Large foam dice game...

Roll a.....
1 - pretend to ride a bike
2 - do a jumping jack
3 -spin in a circle
4 - clap your hands
5 - sing a song
6 -hop on one foot

Be a.....

3-tell a story
4-put away 2 things
5-run to daddy's room and back
6-sing a song

We've been playing this for an hour so far.  Mom is bored of it, the girls are not.  Hit up the dollar store for large foam dice and you too can keep your children occupied.  Make your own list of activities or use mine.


sleepless said…
Brilliant and so nice to use up energy !!! It sounds like a game your father would got those genes obviously !! You could make that your new official home evening game...forever... just by changing the activities !! What a smart mama !!
Burnham's said…
We need that game! NEed to see if our dollar store has dice!

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