Some days  I'm just tired and don't want to do anything.  Well, most days.  All this week I've been going to bed early (usually around 9), but it hasn't changed how tired I am.  Hasn't made me want to deal with anything any more than that.
Drama Queen and I read the first 4 chapters of 1 Nephi this week.
We spent lots of time outside on good weather days.
For Mr. Man's birthday we had dinner at Chuck A Rama.  Hazel loved it.  We turned the high chair she was in so her back was to us and she just gleefully people watched.
I finally got a shower curtain rod for the girls bathroom so the shower curtain is up now.  Too bad the shower is still broke.  By broke I mean it's stuck between being in bath mode and shower mode.  Mr. Man says we'll have to call a plumber to fix it.  Which means I'll have to call a plumber and fix it.  I've tried to look online for help on how to fix it but have found zilch.
In attempts to get myself interested in just doing anything this week, I've listened to conference talks, watched happy friendly love the earth and your children youtube videos, worked on our Vernal Equinox plans.  Still not helping.
I'm just tired.
I'll go wash the blender lid now so I can make me a breakfast smoothie.  (coconut milk, spinach, banana, peaches, berries, flax meal).
I don't think I'm going to be going down to Provo to buy 5 lbs of raw local honey.  Not today anyway.  My food storage can be without a little bit longer.


sleepless said…
I just type the question of what I am looking for in and lots comes up on the computer. How funny..Hazel is a people watcher and you know that already !! Namma is too Hazel !
Julianna said…
I have twelve things to do right now. None of them is being on the computer.

Clearly, I'm not making any head way.


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