Welcoming spring.

Though we started a bit late in our celebrating, we have indeed begun.

First we dug up, weeded, de-clumped, then amended half of the back garden plot.  The girls were involved in the work, though spent most of the time playing with the numerous (really there are a bazillion) earth worms as well as a few rolly pollys.   We then planted some starts we got at the hardware store.  Peas, swiss chard, and savoy cabbage.
 Today we made bird seed feeders, they have to dry before we can put them out.  But we did put out some colorful wool roving on our fairy houses.

 Not only does it make our fairy houses colorful, but the birds can take the wool to build their nests with!
 While Mischief liked this activity, Drama Queen thought it was boring and only participated under threat of my not doing any more spring activities at all ever.
See the cute rock path DQ build leading to her fairy house?!  Love it!


sleepless said…
I love DQ's whole fairy land concept !! The roving is a cute idea..and the birds will love it !
Pearl said…
That is so cute!

I can't wait until Minnesota is firmly in spring -- it's time to get my hands in the earth!

Laurel said…
We are planning to start our garden today!

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