We'll stick with calling it interesting.

Why can't money be never ending?  Ya know?  I'd love to have endless money.  I sure everyone would.  Jordan thinks I could easily earn spending money if I could just actively sew.  I just lack faith in my ability.  (Yes, no need to tell me how stupid that is).

As much as I like spending money, I cringe whenever I spend it.  Like the $125 I spent on a camera lens today. Let's correct that, I cringe when we spend a chunk of money on something for me.  I don't know why.  Jordan's cycling gear costs that per piece easy.  But I got a new lens, fun!  It's not a top lens, but it gives me more range.  And by that I mean I have to stand really far away from the kids to take pictures now.  It's Canon's 55-250mm lens.  I can catch some awesome detail on our spring flowers now.

Let's pretend I'm having a happy day (I'm not.  My productivity exists only in having done the dishes.  And I bought a lens and the doTERRA family physician kit.  That was lots of money.  But it will be good for us in the long run.  Right?  RIGHT?!?!

I'll continue hiding now.  Have some pictures.  Though this lens has an auto focus it takes it's time even more than the kit lens (which drives me nuts), so I've been manually focusing which is hit or miss.

On an entirely different note, how the heck does one get to the point where they can do this.......http://hyenacart.com/MilliesDollhouse/mt/4160/31500/Maible-Cate-A-15-Millies-Dollhouse-Doll - yes, the sewing by machine and hand is a lot of work, but the materials I guarantee cost no more than $60.  That is a more that $1,300 profit.  How do I do this?!  Do you know what I could do with that much money! What my kids could wear!  What fabric I could buy!


Julianna said…
Holy Heck! I'd never spend that much on a doll. Heck I'd not spend that much on a live baby!


I think all us Moms get uncomfortable spending money on ourselves. Something about taking care of others first.
Jennifer said…
Its great that Jordan supports your talent and encourages you. Not everyone has their own cheer leading squad like that. Use it to your advantage because we all know how talented you truly are!!!!
Emily Robertson said…
im so excited you have your new lens! And I am jealous about the doTerra..I totally want that! I think you have had a productive day, give yourself credit for the little things you accomplish!!! Besides look how happy your girls are..definitely a productive mama =)
sleepless said…
Your photos on this blog are OUTSTANDING my dear. I LOVE your natural ability to "catch" looks and moves that are SO interesting and real..I applaud your photography ability with "natural" photography !!!!
Burnham's said…
Yes the family physcian kit was an awesome purchase that will help you all the time. Who pays that much for a doll??? That they give to their kid??? What kid doesnt ruin the hair on that 1500.00 doll? WOW! that cost almost as much as your car!
Laurel said…
I agree with the people who are saying, "Who pays that much for a doll?" That's a little much in my opinion. And it seems to me to be almost the opposite point of having a handmade Waldorf type doll. To me, part of the joy of it is to enjoy a simple toy made by someone you love.

Good job doing the dishes!
April said…
my sister signed up to be a dealer for doTerra so she could get the stuff for a lot cheaper--she doesn't sell it or anything but if you want to buy something for the cost it would be let me know and she could probably place an order for you

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