We've got spring flowers!
Today it was fabulously warm.  And again we played outside.
 Mischief was put in timeout for throwing dirt twice after mommy told her to stop.

Hazel Mae attempted to go the entire day without taking a nap.  I think she had finally gone to sleep.
I started on a dress for Drama Queen.  Then my bobbin ran out and now I have to wind it again.  You'd think it wouldn't be something that'd bug me so much, but it does, always does.  The whole having to unthread the machine and rethread it afterwards......not a big task, but still bothersome for whatever reason.
I had too much sugar today(4 cookies).  I'm nauseous.
All my kids are in bed.
I'm getting caught up on Once Upon a Time, then I'll work on the dress some more.  I could finish it tonight, I say it depends on my bobbin.  ;o)
Oh shoot, the baby was happy and involved today too.  Didn't mean to forget pictures of her........
 You can see I needed to adjust my white balance.......


Sleepy said…
Cute pictures. Nice story, plot line needs more development.
sleepless said…
darling little flowers !! thanks for sharing the photos of the girls !! Yes,children do get their own opinions of what they like or not ...rather quickly...good luck with your car and sewing machine. They know when you get an extra dollar !!

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