Friday, April 27, 2012

Urban homestead activities

We  dipped beeswax candles today.  Mr. Man, Drama Queen and I.  Mischief insisted on helping, dipped one once, and was done, she could barely reach over the pot, so I'm not surprised!

 And I learned 2 pounds of beeswax is not much!
 Earlier in the week I made larger containers for our tomato seedlings.  Last year I didn't do it soon enough and they started rooting into each other's little grow pots.  I raided the big can by the mailboxes for grocery ads and used a bag of garden soil we had left from last year.  This made ALL the plants happy and they all grew like half an inch overnight.  It was crazy.

 The peppers, ground cherries, and wild strawberries are all doing well.
 But I've run out of window space!!  I've had to prop some of the tomatoes up and they're blocking the ground cherries/wild strawberries light.  There's 6 outside as well that I'm sure have frozen to death as we've had a cold front.  I've brought them inside, but there's little chance they'll recover.  Though if I do a side by side of them and the ones in the window the overnight growth spurt of the indoor ones is very obvious!!

The Tulum Ruins

Mischief wanted to watch The Testament: Of One fold and One Shepherd today (in her words that is "watch Jesus Die?")  I want to get a copy of The Lamb of God though because she doesn't like the american continent story line.  She just wants to see the Jesus parts. (I don't blame her).
Anyway, while watching it I kept thinking of the Tulum Ruins, so here you have the final stop of our cruise.  I'd love to go back.  I'd love to see other Mayan Ruins as well.
I'm pretty sure the beauty of it speaks for itself.  I do have another post to do on Tulum Mexico, because we went to a beach afterwards.

 We were told that in the building below, which has been determined to be a temple, a carving was found of a white man with long hair and a beard and writings that described the man and stated that he would come again.  The guide told how the archeologists decided it was a reference to the explorer Cortez.  I was so excited when the guide then mentioned that the Latter Day Saints, those known as Mormons, (that's me!) believe that it was a reference to the coming of Christ.  And we do believe that.  We believe that after Christ died and was resurrected, he visited the Earth again, no only to his disciples like the bible records, but he visited the Americas as well.  And the record of that is The Book of Mormon.  And he will come again one day as the bible foretells.

 Isn't that water GORGEOUS?!
 The archeologists decided that this building was the Chief Judge's home.

 There were large stretches of grass that have more ancient foundations underneath.

 The entire city was surrounded by a stone wall with narrow openings on either end.  Only one person could get through at a time.  At each of the four corners of the city there was a watch tower built.  It made us think of this:

Alma 48:8

8 Yea, he had been strengthening the armies of the Nephites, and erecting small forts, or places of resort; throwing up banks of earth round about to enclose his armies, and also building walls of stone to encircle them about, round about their cities and the borders of their lands; yea, all round about the land.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Mr. Man's Bento

I'm still obsessed with bento meals, though I don't post about them often.  I now have two books about them.  One a friend gave me for my birthday last year and this year I bought the Just Bento cookbook because it saves me from having to get on their webpage almost daily!  And it's much easier to search.
But I'm rambling (btw - there's a new post below this one as well)
This is Mr. Man's lunch for work today.  Bento style.
Ignore our messy stove top.  This is salmon and tomatoes on white rice.  With cucumber slices that have been tossed with rice vinegar and sesame oil (thanks to Kira for that!)  The little cupcake liner is a silicone one that I actually found at the dollar store!  It came in a 6 pack.  I bought them specifically for the purpose of our bento boxes, and that's really all I'd use them for, they're too thin for cooking with I think.  And yes I just used a regular leak proof pyrex for his bento.

Monday, April 23, 2012

School Carnival

Tonight was the school carnival.  Last week I kindly cleaned Mr. Man's side of the room.  6 loads of laundry later, we had $7 for the carnival!  Tickets were 3/$1.  Food took 2 tickets per item (nachos, corn dog, popcorn, cotton candy, snow cone), Soda pop, "juice", and water were one ticket each.  The games were 1 ticket each, face painting 1 ticket, there was a train that was 3 tickets per ride and two bounce house things that I don't know how many tickets they were.
We had nachos, a corn dog, fruit punch, pop for mom, cotton candy, popcorn, and a snow cone.  The girls played a few games.  Oh ya there was a guy making balloon things too.  Mischief chose a sword and Drama Queen a butterfly.
I got sunburned.  So did DQ at least on her cheeks.  Poor planning on my part, it was HOT today. Time to find where the sunscreen is.
So enjoy some random picture from our fun evening.  Mr. Man stayed with us for a bit, but then had to head to work.  We saw school friends, church friends and neighbors.  It was a great activity!

This is DQ's teacher, manning the snow cone booth for the first hour:
 The cotton candy line was shorter.

 Mischief inhaled the first half of her cotton candy with wide eyes.  For the rest of the evening, in my head, I refered to cotton candy as crack.  The kid was nuts for the stuff!
 This one enjoyed it too, but she remembers it from the family reunion last year.
 There was a wide assortment of games for all ages and skill levels.  We stuck to the easy ones.  Like fishing.  So glad DQ hasn't seen Pollyanna at an age she can remember it or she might have been disappointed with the bracelets she got.
 Mischief loved "Pick a duck" where she got a whistle shaped like lips.  She can't blow it hard enough to make a sound, so we're all happy.
 This beautiful baby just watched all that was going on.
 Drama Queen was disappointed at the Pull a pop game, because neither she nor Mischief had colored dots on their lollipops so they did not get additional prizes.
 In the excavation game DQ got a pink egg with a creepy bug inside.  I'm quite impressed with how I blacked out our neighbor, really, I try not to share pictures of people without permission.
 In the bean bag toss I was quite impressed that DQ got two of the bags threw the circles.  I think that was when she got her glow in the dark bug.
 My girls!  DQ decided she wanted to ride the train and I was all for it until we saw that it was 3 tickets each.  I gave her the option of doing the train or getting a balloon and a treat.  She chose the balloon and treat.
 While I stood in the balloon line for them, they ran around the portable stairs/ramp with some friends from church.

 Mischief was so excited that she was going to get a balloon!
 The balloon options were:  flower, butterfly, sword, dog.  DQ chose butterfly.
 Mischief wanted a sword.

 DQ loved her butterfly.  Unfortunately mom accidently popped the big white wing on the way home.
 I see you!
 Then DQ decided she absolutely MUST have a snow cone.  Even though the line was super long.  So we got in line.  And stood there for half an hour in the very hot sun.  We were 10 people away from getting our snow cones when....DQ decided the line was too slow and she'd rather have popcorn.  "REALLY?!"  I admit I said that out loud instead of in my head and the kids infront of us turned and looked at me like, what's your problem? And DQ was about to burst into tears.  I'm not a fabulous mom sometimes.  I hugged her and told her if she really wanted popcorn then okay and gave her two tickets and she got in the popcorn line.  Mischief got a snow cone because I was not about to have stood there that long for nothing.  She chose blue.

 And then I was done.  We handed off our last two tickets to a friend and dragged ourselves home.  And I'm not exaggerating on the dragged.  My feet were dragging I was so tired of being on them.  Oh the terror in my head of the half marathon I'm doing in June....

And now I'm going to put my poor burnt self to bed as I am tired and starting to hurt.  And Hazel has finally gone to sleep.