Fabulous Find

There is this little girl clothing collection picture I pinned on Pinterest a long time ago.  One of the few pins I remember rather than the ones that I think are cute but aren't so memorable that I end up having a few of the same thing pinned because I didn't remember pinning it.  I've even pinned things that someone has repinned off a board of my own.....Anyway.
I recently learned about google image search (via a pin on pinterest), you know the trick where you can drag a picture onto the search bar and it searches for that image?  The original pin I pinned didn't have the proper link.  So frustrating so I did not know what line the clothes were.  Today I found out.  Olive's friend Pop.  Oddish name, but SUCH cute stuff. And oh is it pricey.
As much as I love the Bertie overalls, even if it wasn't from a line 2 years old, I would not be able to afford the nearly $200 it costs.

So I did what I do best.  I hopped on etsy.com and started browsing through patterns.  Hundreds of playsuit patterns later I was ecstatic to discover this pattern.....
I know right?  Switch up the pockets and voila!  I then hunted the internet for more of this pattern and found all of FOUR.  Four of this pattern.  Only four.  I bought 2 of them, different sizes.  I love it that much. Now I will be impatiently awaiting it's arrival so I can make this cuteness!


sleepless said…
Definately that pattern !! amazing.

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