Hazel Mae loves pulling things off the shelves and these shelves are just her size!
 My tomato seedlings are doing wonderfully.
 The girls enjoy PBS kids in the morning.  They are now in the playroom playing and drawing pictures.

Some days I feel like, "we can do this!" in regard to Mischief's gluten-intolerance.........and then some days I feel very overwhelmed.  And sometimes it happens all in the same day, like today.  Found a blog with great information: The Liberated Kitchen and am thrilled with all I'm learning. Like that I may be able to get a celiac diagnosis through Mischief's supposed dermatitis herpetiformis.  So I called and made an appointment with the nearest dermatologist who takes her insurance..........the soonest appointment is in July.  Really?  That's ridiculous.  She's got a major flare up right now and I don't know why.  Who knows what it will look like in July.  It may be just as bad or worse, or it may be almost non existant.  That's one of the overwhelming parts.

And all gluten-free meals?  Not so easy.  I never thought I'd get tired of rice.  Rice rice rice.  Rice and chicken and vegetables.  Rice and fish and vegetables.  Rice and ground beef and cheese and tomatoes (cause we can't have canned tomato soup anymore).  Or gluten-free pancakes.  And gluten-free german pancakes.  Or gluten-free pasta with spaghetti sauce.  That's pretty much what we've been eating for the last two months.  A week ago I attempted to make creamy chicken enchiladas, which are my husband's favorite.  But gluten-free.  Corn tortillas instead of flour.  Canned cream of anything soup is out, so I attempted to make a gluten-free white sauce to use instead.  They were edible, but not something that has been requested I make again.   I just got a good gluten-free cookbook, one I first checked out from the library.  I'll be menu planning out of that.  But really.  You get tired of rice.  And she doesn't really eat sandwiches.  So none of us have been eating sandwiches, so I haven't made bread again.  Well I did make wheat bread once because I missed making it and my husband ate almost the entire thing within an hour or two of it being out of the oven.  But I have no desire to check the label on lunch meats, so I haven't bought any.  Mischief love lunch meat.  On the rare occasion I make a gluten laden goody, she cries about not getting to have any.  A week or so ago I made brownies and she picked at them declaring that they do not make her tummy hurt!  And now her rash flare up.  So I've got a box sitting in the kitchen of glutened foods that need to find a new home. She's too young to fully understand, though I thought she did.  I haven't cleaned gluten out of our food storage yet though.  I know there's a couple dozen cans of soup that will have to go.  I'm trying to eat up some of it.  Mr. Man and I have been eating dinner after the kids go to bed and been working through some wheat stuff that way.

Anyway.  I'm going to sit here and watch something on Netflix while writing up a grocery list as Monday will be grocery shopping day!  Mr. Man would like some meat I'm sure.......

Some days I question whether she has Celiac disease or if she just has some allergy.  And I wonder if I should start feeding her 'normally' again.  But that scares me too.  Her rash looking like it must be  dermatitis herpetiformis makes me think it must be Celiac, but the rash could be something else as well.  Which is what her appointment in July will help determine.  I wish we could go up to the specialist at the University of Utah, but they don't take medicaid.  Though I read about a conference he spoke at in which he talked abouto a study he did and found that "1 in 3 people who were self diagnosed Celiacs, were tested and did not have the gene, and could not have had the disease."


Seth said…
In 3 weeks or so, Amanda should have time to share insights from when we went through the same thing with J. You could cut down on rice by doing more with potatoes.

I hope its just an allergy and that she outgrows it like J did.
sleepless said…
You can be totally intolerant of gluten and not have the disease...according to my friend who has celiac disease. I hope Seth is correct.... on out growing it !!
Myhouse4nine said…
Rachael has been excited to do energy healing with her allergies, so if all else fails in 15 years maybe you could try that? My man is super excited that we could heal the family and he could eat his favorite foods again. There are some pepperoni's that are gluten free, and some hot dogs too. Sunflower has a sauce mix that is suppose to be "alfredo mix" but milk and gluten free. I use it, mixed with rice milk, and olive oil, and vegan white "cheese" to give my chicken enchiladas a better flavor. It still isn't quite right but it is the best I've found so far. Good luck in your search.
Myhouse4nine said…
Ps. watch out for potatoes, it sort of runs in the family - to have an allergy to them.. For us it shows as a rash, or runs.

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