Mr. Man's Bento

I'm still obsessed with bento meals, though I don't post about them often.  I now have two books about them.  One a friend gave me for my birthday last year and this year I bought the Just Bento cookbook because it saves me from having to get on their webpage almost daily!  And it's much easier to search.
But I'm rambling (btw - there's a new post below this one as well)
This is Mr. Man's lunch for work today.  Bento style.
Ignore our messy stove top.  This is salmon and tomatoes on white rice.  With cucumber slices that have been tossed with rice vinegar and sesame oil (thanks to Kira for that!)  The little cupcake liner is a silicone one that I actually found at the dollar store!  It came in a 6 pack.  I bought them specifically for the purpose of our bento boxes, and that's really all I'd use them for, they're too thin for cooking with I think.  And yes I just used a regular leak proof pyrex for his bento.


sleepless said…
wow,,that looks really impressive !!! You have always been a good, gourmet cook though !!
Juli said…
Salmon and tomato over white rice! I am so jealous. All I get for lunch is a Snickers bar and a bottle of water. *sigh*

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