Paradise.....I mean, Grand Cayman!

Look, It's the Black Pearl!  Okay not really.....

 Oh the drama of George Town.  We had a great excursion planned.  As in paid for, see our tickets.  And then they closed Stingray City and so that ended the WHOLE deal.

Let me back up a bit. As those who have read my blog for more than a year may know, I have been off of depression medication since March of 2011 due to health insurance issues.  As in, we don't have it.  I did again shortly after my husband work health insurance ended, but what was the point of getting another dr. appointment only to be on medication just long enough for it to start working again and not be able to have anymore unless I want to spend a large amount of money on a doctor appointment and who know what the medication itself would cost.  In place of zoloft, I self medicate with caffiene.  Soda for the most part.  A can every few days keeps me from getting like this for the most part:
I say for the most part because when it happens, my husband usually takes it upon himself to walk up to the gas station and buy me a red bull.  The golum version of me tends to think about as clearly as a new mother in full PPD does.  It's not pretty, it's not happy, it's not safe.  Thank the Lord for red bull.

If you read my previous post about the cruise ship itself, you'll have learned that if you want soda, you either have to buy the beverage package for it ($40) or you pay around $3 for an 8oz glass of it....that means I was trying to go the week without any at all.  I honestly thought I could do it, I mean I had no responsibilities, I was in a gorgeous place, there was sunshine and happy people.  Unfortunately, depression doesn't work that way and by day 4, I was getting pretty deep.  As in......when they said our excursion was cancelled, I wanted to go back to the ship and crawl into bed. I was relieved to not have to interact with people or do anything.  Of course I was the only one.  And Mr. Man knew it just wasn't like me to want to hide away when I had all that opportunity infront of me.

We did find a new tour.  The EXACT same thing we'd been told was cancelled, they actually explained why Stingray City was closed and told us that it was supposed to be open later.  While we waited to head off for this new adventure, they had to gather more people to do it, Mr. Man went and bought me a Dr. Pepper.  FYI - buy soda pop at the port!  A can of Dr. Pepper was only $1.25!  It took all of 8 to 10 minutes to kick in.
Off we went to snorkel, find starfish, feed stingrays and eat some delicious jerk chicken.

 Nice house right?  If you'd like to live in the Cayman Islands, they welcome you (random note: they are British ruled).  A studio condo starts at half a million....or was it a million...I don't remember........

and THEN my camera battery died.  Bad Abby for not charging it!

The water was not as warm as in Jamaica, but it wasn't cold either.  First we, eventually, found a place they could anchor the boat, then we geared up in snorkels and goggles and flippers.  The water is SO clear!  Unfortunately I wasn't the brightest when packing and didn't take my contacts, so goggles or not, I was blind as a bat and without sonar.   I still snorkeled around a bit and enjoyed the water.  There were lots of waves. LOTS.  and that's why Stingray City was closed, it was too choppy to be safe.  Our guides helped us find star fish.  My mother in law has pictures of us with starfish.  I could not see the starfish.  I could sort of see the coral reef, but mainly it was just a blob of color.  A fellow tourist was kind and brought me the starfish he had picked up, so I got to hold one.  They are a pretty pink color.  Then off to Rum Point for lunch.  Lunch was good, though a tad dry,  so deliciously spicy.  The beach was absolutely gorgeous as well, the white sand so soft and fine.
When the boat came back for us, Stingray City was open again, so we stopped there to see the Stingrays.  And I discovered something I dislike as much as spiders.  Do you have any idea how MASSIVE a stingray is?  They are huge, and slippery.  And the whole, Stever Irwin was killed by one....that gives me no comfort.  Though Harbor patrol had determined the water to be calm enough for it to be open again, the waves were still strong enough to push you around.  Even Mr. Man was getting pushed around.
Stingrays have no idea of personal space.  I was freaking a little bit when they'd come swimming close...and then a wave would push me into them...AHHH!!
No, I was not one of the people to hold a stingray.  And I most definately did not KISS a stingray (though many did as the guides call it good luck).  Infact Mr. Man helped me back on to the boat just in time.  Just in time meaning BEFORE the guide pulled out some dead fish parts to feed them.  Hello swarm.  You couldn't see the sand bar anymore, there were so many stingrays.  It was terrifying just to look at.  And then we were done, back to the dock to stand in line to get on the boat that would take us back to the cruise ship.

I'd totally go there again.


Juli said…
My sister wanted to go to the GC for her tenth anniversary since they went on their honeymoon.

2 kids and ten years later they can't afford it. :)

I have never been, been lots of other places though. Looks fabulous!
Emily Robertson said…
Bummer about the sting rays, that was my favorite part of our cruise! But glad you were able to perk up and enjoy yourself =)

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