Pulling a wagon full of groceries AND a 2 year old while wearing a 17 pound baby and keeping track of a 5 year old makes a walk that should take 10 minutes, take 20 instead.  

When we got home, we tried to start prepping the front garden...and discovered the ground to be rock hard.  Instead I sprayed it down good with the hose and will work on it this evening.

Hazel has started getting used to sleeping in the swing, which is good because it means she can breathe while sleeping.  And it also means mommy sleeps through the night.  The swing is in the play room, and having the humidifier on in my bedroom drowns out all sound.  The first night of that set up, I could tell I had slept through her crying, her eyes were puffy in the morning and she was obviously not happy with me, she didn't want to look at me.   But this morning, even though I kept waking up to check last night, she was just fine and must have slept just fine.

And now I'm going to find a way to transform last night's tuna rice tumble (which was really salmon, not tuna) into salmon patties because no one overly loved it.

Oh, and I'm super excited to say I've held a Bamboletta doll!  Thanks to Aunt Mary for bringing it by for me to see and examine.  I resisted the urge to strip it so I could see all the stitching details.  I'm happy to know how they do the hair now though, and I love how THICK they do the hair.  Super duper thick.  so exciting.

Hazel keeps making stop and go, what?  Did you hear that?  She makes noises constantly that sound not just like works, but sentences.  And not randomly either, the things we think she says go along well with what's going on.  Like when daddy got home from school and said hi to her she said Hi daddy.  We have also thought she's said "Hi mama", "I want mama", and "I want out".  Beside that, she doesn't make sounds so much as just screams and laughs and we all know how well she growls.


sleepless said…
I bet that shopping trip was good exercise !!!
Burnham's said…
glad the store is close!

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