Ruffle pants

I made the ruffle pants to go with a grey dress Mischief has.  Nice to see they go nicely with her yellow dress as well.  Doesn't she look pretty in yellow?!  The pictures where she's touching her teeth........she's telling me how she's missing teeth.  In the back. She's been fairly traumatized the last few days about her lack of molars/wisdom teeth, whichever it is.  She walks around the house say "Need to find my teeth."


Myhouse4nine said…
maybe she is just practicing for when she is old and needs to find her teeth then too!
sleepless said…
She looks tired...cute but tired !
Jennifer said…
how cute! Gwen is getting pair similar to this in denim that I won on Fabulous Friday Freebies. Lord knows she needs something new and fresh in her wardrobe lol! Kid lives in jeans and a t-shirt

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