This morning Mr. Man participated in his first triathlon! The Timp Triathlon is a Splash distance triathlon which includes a 5k Run, 10 Mile Bike, and 350 Meter Swim in that order.

 He's in black with white shoes, near the center in the picture below:

 Guy in the grey shirt below is our friend who came to support Mr. Man!

Our hearts go out to Dan, on bike next to Mr. Man below, and his family.  During the ride, he was hit by a car and broke his collar bone.

 Spectators couldn't come in this door, had to go around to the front of the gym, but they let me hang out right here waiting to take pictures of him.

And then my camera battery died and I had two very cranky children, so the kids and I went home.  Mr. Man promised he'd get some pictures of the awards.  Why?  Well because he placed 3rd in his division!  The guy who placed 2nd in the division (aka was 30 seconds ahead of Mr. Man) is also in the UVU tri club of which Mr. Man is head of.

Here he is, via iphone!

Great job honey!!  I love you, you did awesome!


Suz said…
Congrats Jordan!
sleepless said…
That is SO AWESOME Jordan !! Whoo hoo, you did GREAT !! There were a lot of people in that triathlon !!IMPRESSIVE ACCOMPLISHMENT !!
Burnham's said…
Awesome job! That poor guy, he is lucky he only broke a collar bone!

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