Urban homestead activities

We  dipped beeswax candles today.  Mr. Man, Drama Queen and I.  Mischief insisted on helping, dipped one once, and was done, she could barely reach over the pot, so I'm not surprised!

 And I learned 2 pounds of beeswax is not much!
 Earlier in the week I made larger containers for our tomato seedlings.  Last year I didn't do it soon enough and they started rooting into each other's little grow pots.  I raided the big can by the mailboxes for grocery ads and used a bag of garden soil we had left from last year.  This made ALL the plants happy and they all grew like half an inch overnight.  It was crazy.

 The peppers, ground cherries, and wild strawberries are all doing well.
 But I've run out of window space!!  I've had to prop some of the tomatoes up and they're blocking the ground cherries/wild strawberries light.  There's 6 outside as well that I'm sure have frozen to death as we've had a cold front.  I've brought them inside, but there's little chance they'll recover.  Though if I do a side by side of them and the ones in the window the overnight growth spurt of the indoor ones is very obvious!!


April said…
I'm very impressed with your gardening skills--since I have none I just buy the already established plants--you are amazing!!!
sleepless said…
That is so cool ! Love the candles, love the seedlings !!! Thanks for sharing !!
Laurel said…
I love making candles! What are you going to do with them? Do you have any candle lit activities planned?

Your seedlings look great!
Juli said…
Oldest brought home a pine tree from school. That's tomorrows project.

Your plants look great. Reminds me that I should start the sunflowers.

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