Cardboard, it's what's inside.

 Our dishwasher has started acting up.  The wash cycle doesn't always kick on and when that happens (or rather doesn't happen) there's an acrid burning smell.  I decided to open it up to see if there was an obvious cause.  That was after removing the crud that was sliming the inside of the dishwasher right under the door (you almost had to climb in to see it).  It was gross.  I chose not to take pictures of it cause it made me want to hurl.  I discovered that the door is not leak proof.  Infact there was lots of rust/mineral build up.  Inside the door.

 And apparently this got filled with something at some time and didn't drain all the way....not sure what it is.  If I put anything in the liquid thing, it's vinegar to aid in rinsing.  I think Mr. Man once mentioned he filled it with soap....dishwashing soap.  The hand dishwashing kind.  but that's green, so it doesn't solve what this is.
I checked that all the wires were hooked up properly, they were, then I put it back together.  It worked fine the next day.  But I know it's only a short matter of time until I get a box for all the dishes and use the dishwasher as a dish drainer.


sleepless said…
Always something wrong in a home !!

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