A day of sorts

Mischief came out of her room this morning and joined Hazel Mae and I in the playroom.  Her first words were "My tummy hurts."  She said this a few times so I told her if she felt she would throw up she should do it in the bathroom.  Shortly after that she said she needed to go "bafwoom" to "frowe up".  She didn't throw up but did two warning runs there.  And THEN she threw up.  I quickly dumped out a toy box when the retching noises started so she only got a little on her nightgown, the rest in the box.  within the hour after that she had three diaper changes and threw up again.  She got banished to her bed with books to read with Mommy while Hazel took a nap and daddy took Maddie to school.

 (sorry for the funky eyelids, the camera phone flash makes her blink)

DQ enjoyed the water sprinkler today.

 This was her chosen outfit/hairstyle to "look beautiful for Filipe" today.  Filipe would be her "boyfriend".  Unfortunately he wasn't at school today.

Mr. Man finally called and arranged to have the car picked up by pick a part.  And happily the amount we were quoted for the car is enough to get a new dishwasher.  And today the dishwasher is not working again.  The heating element is working and has given off a horrible smell due to the pediasure that has dripped on it.  Even though I grew up washing dishes by hand I did not enjoy it, and living here with a dishwasher is the first time we have been able to keep up on dishes.  I dread the thought of not having one what with how many dishes we go through having to cook so many meals.  Speaking of cooking I think I'll make some tapioca as Ava has been holding down the banana I gave her an hour ago.

Hazel Mae seems to not be feeling too great either, as one top tooth has finally fully broken through and the other is now starting to push at her gum.  She is spending much time sleeping but when she is awake she pushes her tongue out like she's got something in her mouth she's trying to spit out and I've check and there's nothing in there, so I suspect it's the new tooth that's the bother.

Last night she helped me clean the playroom and dismantle it as well.  As in I had to be three steps ahead of her if I wanted to be successful at all.
Here she is brushing one of the dollies hair.

 What a helper.  She was cleaning out the fridge for me.  Everytime I put food in it, she'd pull it all out.


sleepless said…
Juli said…
It has rained for thee days here. Know what happens when it rains for three days straight?

You discover every possible place for your brand new roof to leak from. Especially when the water runs down walls that have just been torn out, replaced, and painted nice and pretty.


So hearing ya on the things not working out just right...

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