Fun in the sun

Or shade.
 I love how she still curls in her feet.  Granted it causes problems when trying to stand or walk with something.
 Mischief still thinks she's missing teefs in her mouf.
 Hazel LOVES to eat dandelion puffs. She was crawling around the grass looking for them, would pull off the seed puffs and stuff them in her mouth.

 She was against naptime today.  Finally went down for one at about 4 in the afternoon.
 Drama Queen was thinking of "nature" things she can gather for her fairy house.  Already in her box are acorn caps, rocks, sticks, pinecones, and leaves.


sleepless said…
Delightful seeing the girls and what they are doing now !!! Thanks for sharing !
Juli said…
As always, fantastic photos. I so wish I had your talent. :)
Emily Robertson said…
All excellant things to build a fairy house with!

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