Great purchase - Sigg Bottles

Last year...or maybe it was a bit longer...I bought Sigg water bottles for the girls.  They were on or for $8 or $10 each, which while a lot of money for a water bottle it was a discount and I'd been wanting them for a while.  Plus they had cute designs I knew the girls would love.

One of the BEST purchases ever.

Last summer they drank plenty of water thanks to their water bottles.  Give them water in a cup?  Not interested.  Give them their special water bottles?  They down the stuff.

The high for today is supposed to be 89 degrees, and I believe it.  It is HOT.  Unusually hot for Utah in May.  At lunch Drama Queen looked so dehydrated.  I made sure she drank all of her milk at school and had her get a drink of water when we got home.  Then we hunted down their water bottles.

Mischief has had hers refilled twice today.  DQ needs a few more reminders to drink, but that she's drinking any is good.  Mischief's water bottle has fairies on it and Drama Queen's has mermaids.  They know who's is who's and they just love them.  So if they have them on discount again, I am going to get one for Hazel Mae.  Hopefully they'll have something just as cute, but different.


Emily Robertson said…
What a great way to encourage them to stay hydrated! Good job mama!
sleepless said…
LOVE, LOVE the darling ragamuffin photos !!!! cute bottles ..great encouragement!
Laurel said…
This post makes me thirsty!

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