Now that it's May it's finally about 2 or 3 weeks until planting time.  I do NOT feel prepared!  The garden beds still need digging up and I need to rototill or something the area where the wild strawberries will go! (next to the walk way).  And we still need to add compost to the majority of the garden.

Today I set the tomato plants out to start hardening off.  

 The peppers are ready to transplant to larger containers as well!  I need to get garden soil though.....our soil as is is NOT conducive to growing as we learned last year when we planted peas and other vegetables in the unamended soil.  A month later nothing had yet grown, so we added compost, replanted and tada, we had plants!
 The ground cherries too need larger containers.  I'm pretty sure theyve started rooting into each other's cells.

Now for a kid activity!  Mischief will be 3 at the end of this month and she still doesn't quite know her colors.  At the dollar store yesterday, which we walked to as a family, I picked up snakes, frogs and lizards.  There's only 4 colors, but it's a start!   Mischief LOVES snakes and frogs so I figured she'd like the lizards too.  I got them with the idea of something I had seen on pinterest but don't have the patience to go look up the link at this time.  But basically, you can use these toys for sorting by color or creature, matching creature/color(there's two of each color per creature), and matching colors.  Today we did color matching.
 Thanks to grandma we have lots of colorful cardstock and I found just the right colors for Mischief to match her creatures bellies to!  I tried to get her to say her colors as she did it, she was pretty consistant at saying pink and orange, but that was it.  She loved this game, and would have done it again but Hazel absolutely wanted out of my arms so she could play too.
 She matched them all correctly even if she didn't know what color they were called!
I even got a container from the dollar store to store them in so they don't get lost.  I'm trying to think ahead more, organization-wise.

Happy Wednesday!


sleepless said…
Great game invention !! You can really grow seeds !! How fun, thanks for sharing !! mama loves you

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