Housekeeping Horror

Last night I went to a Lia Sophia home party.  Lia Sophia is jewelry by the way.  I know some haven't heard of it.  It was the second Lia Sophia party I'd ever been to.

And that consultant is GOOD at getting parties booked.

Which means I have a party coming up.

Two days before the half marathon.

I chose that day in hopes that my family will be in town that night so I'll at least have them at the party.

And I chose it because it was the furthest away date she had for an option and goodness knows I need all the time I can get to get my house in order!

I came home and spent 3 hours working on the craft stuff.  Made a decent dent, in my opinion.  Once the craft stuff is cleaned up....I need to finally wash and prime and paint the walls....and finish wallpapering.  Or I may just paint over the wallpaper on the 3rd wall.  We'll see.

So if you're a facebook friend and live in Utah, you've recieved an event notification for this.  If you're not in Utah, and want to help me get free jewelry cause I am attempting to be more stylish (again some more).
Here's the link to the catalog:  if you want to order something, just tell me what and such.  I get $10 toward jewelry for every pre-order!


Juli said…
More power to ya darlin' I have steered clear of all such parties since the Pampered Chef fiasco of 2006.

Burnham's said…
you should try paparazzi. they are only 5.50 a piece!
Emily Robertson said…
I did a Lia Sophia party and loved it. I got a ton of fun stuff for super super cheap. Plus if they break or whatever then you can send it back in and have it replaced for free. Definite bonus for a mom =)

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