In the playroom

Hazel Mae had me up before 6am this morning, so we spent a good hour and a half working on tidying up the playroom.  It had been a few weeks since we'd been conscientious about keeping the girls picking it up. And so once again it is a favorite place.

The Minnie Mouse chair has been claimed by Hazel Mae.  If anyone else sits in it she hollers something fierce.  We call it her throne because she sits in it and dictates.  It's very cute.

 These two are all about making forts.


Juli said…
I loved those kids sized chairs. I just never had the money to get them for the boys. I did, however have a huge pampazan chair from Pier 1 that the boys and I could sit in to read books. It was just the right height for me to hold Youngest and for Oldest to climb into when they were toddlers. (they are only 16 months apart)
Trishgoger said…
Such cute girls!
Emily Robertson said…
When you said tidying up the playroom, I instantly thought of Mary Poppins =)
I LOVE making forts!!!!
Laurel said…
I love Hazel's ponytail!
sleepless said…
Darling photos ! thanks for sharing.

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