Nailpolish sale!

This kid doesn't get nailpolish yet.  She'd lick it off before it even dried.

These plants are driving me nuts, they're doing so well!  The pepper plants on the right?  Ya, that's how big my pepper plants were by the END of summer last year.  I'm so not joking or exaggerating.  What has gotten into these things?!
And these, well this evening I'll get some into the ground, I'll put the tomato cages in as well and then use rocks to hold down a paint drop plastic(unused), cause that's all I can think of to cover them!
Drama Queen chose silver sparkles!
Blow those toes dry!

Um, someone is tired.  Have a good nap Hazel Mae!

And then Mischief's OCD comes out of a bit as she sorts and lines up the nailpolish, over and over and over again.  Not to mention the panic attack (aka psychotic freaked out tantrum) she had when DQ decided to be a pest and randomly grab one....


Juli said…
Do you have an old plastic shower liner? They make great greenhouses.

The plants look great! We are still trying to get ours to grow.
Laurel said…
Natalie is grounded from nail polish right now because she decided to use it all by herself and ended up getting it on the kitchen table.

We've been doing fun things with nails a lot lately, that's what it means to have girls!
sleepless said…
Fun stuff...Riley has to have chess pieces lined up just so...

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