Quick Clean

This morning Mr. Man informed me that today is the day his parents are stopping by on the way home from his sister's college graduation.
And by this morning I mean 11:30am.

In case you don't know, I am a poor house keeper.  I'm a work in progress.  My mother-in-law is an excellent housekeeper.  Last month when they came to visit, my house was less than stellar.  I was determined to have it look better than last time.  Even if I had only 4 hours in which to do it.  After a copious amount of caffiene, I got to work.  And I cleaned for 3 hours.  Then I was tired of cleaning, so I took the juvenile route.  That's right, I began stuffing things.  All the clean clothes piled on and next to the couch?  Stuffed back in the dryer.  Hampers of dirty clothes, stacked on top of the washer before closing the laundry closet doors.  Odd and ends that don't currently have a specific location, or that location is currently unavailable....under the couches and in the closet.  As I said, juvenile.  I was able to vacuum not only the tv room, which is the only room that really gets vacuumed regularly, but I vacuumed the girls room as well.  AND  (big and here) the craft room/blue room!!  That's right, the floor is clear!  Sure the craft table is unuseable both on top and under, but the floor is the cleanest it's been since January.  And that was clean only thanks to my aunts and sister-in-law (love you guys!!) who did a surprise clean while we were off on the cruise.  I know my husband will be impressed, and thrilled.  My mother-in-law noticed that I was "through with the laundry and that that corner of the room was cleared up.  She also said she wish she lived closer so she could take the girls for a day so I could get things done.  I wish we lived closer!  We are thinking Cache Valley for our someday.  Mr. Man thinks there would be enough business for what he wants to do (Triathlon/Cycling coach).  They do have the LOTJ (I think that's what it's called) which is a massive cycling race.  My brother-in-law rode it last year, ended up finishing even after he crashed, scraping up his knee and messing up one of his hands.
See how easily I get distracted?  So anyway, My house looks nice.  Just don't look under anything.  Or in anything.

The girls are quite thrilled with all the space!  They had no desire to cooperate and clean the play room, but they'll gladly play in my clean rooms now!  In fact Drama Queen informed Mischief that "Mom's weird"  because of my cleaning and wanting a clean house.  I asked her if she liked going to people's houses that were clean?  "Yes" So why shouldn't our house be clean?  I deserve a clean house too!
Their favorite game as of late is inspired by a couple of YouTube videos we watched of birds hatching.  Here is Drama Queen's "How a human is a baby bird hatching".

And then Hazel did some walking practice.  Forgive the harsh lighting, it's sunset and those windows are where my plant starts are, so no curtains right now....

For dinner we again had Cuban Black Beans with Coconut Rice, mango salsa and Plantain chips.  So cheap and yummy!  I get the mango frozen from the dollar store, so it's got good mango flavor instead of playing hit and miss with fresh mangoes from the grocery store.


Laurel said…
This made me laugh for two reasons:

1) My house is a complete disaster right now and if David told me that his mom was stopping by I would completely freak out.

2) I remember how you used to clean your room sometimes back in the day, with the stashing and the stuffing!

Hope you had/are having a lovely visit with your mother-in-law!
Emily Robertson said…
The mama bird sitting on the egg was too funny! Your girls are super cute!
April said…
This post takes me back to when I lived at home--when Grandma was coming we would go and stash/hide things so it would be clean:) quite funny.

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