She drinks and she rides!

Hazel is figuring out the whole drinking from a cup thing.  I was also thrilled to get some prunes in her today because the kid is backed up!

 And Drama Queen surprised us today when she hopped on a new friends bike and rode it down the strret.  Daddy immediately went out and took the training wheels off her bike.  He's very happy about this because I didn't learn to ride my bike until like 2nd grade and he was afraid she'd be the same way.  

 They spent about half an hour just riding up and down the street together.  And I decided the neighbor friend will likely be a bosom buddy, she has the same thought process as DQ as evidenced when she told DQ "If you say you love me I'll be your best friend!"  Though I was pleased that DQ put on her helmet even after the friend said "You don't need to wear that silly helmet." I have a cousin who's daughter has a steel plate in her head from falling off her scooter just in their driveway, so we've been pretty strict about wearing a helmet.
 For dinner today we had Potato Leek soup.  I've been wanting to make some soup and when I saw leeks were on sale I bought a bunch.  Next time I won't add the cream at the end because the flavor was so much better before adding it! I added hot sauce to my bowlful.  DQ and Mischief ate theirs just find but Hazel was not impressed and instead of opening her mouth would just stick out her tongue.


Juli said…
Dark Karo worked wonders on Youngest when he got that way, as he was never fond of prunes. I did not have the patience to teach the boys how to ride... ironically enough, it was Tony a few years back that taught them.

Now, I have no idea who taught them how to go off the jumps and ramps we have all over the neighborhood...
sleepless said…
Yay for DQ. Darling "cup" pictures !

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