Solar Eclipse

Though they won't remember it, I wanted us to be able to watch the eclipse today.  So after searching online for 15 minutes and reading many sites and watching a few videos I finally found a link that described a solar viewing box well enough for me to make one:

 I remembered (with help thanks to a little voice in my head) that I had a long packing box in the closet holding a roll of laminated fabric - or oil cloth, I don't remember it been in the box for 4 years.  So I pulled it out and made us a little viewing box!  We set it up outside and waited.

Drama Queen drew a picture of what she thought it would look like (smart girl, got the concept very well!)

And we waited

 (this is a "tree" that the girls successfully grew in the garden.  I informed DQ it had to move because it was where we were planting the watermelon.  So she moved it and waters it, though I'm pretty sure it's not going to keep growing...)

And ate frozen flavored sugar water tubes, frozen gogurt and frozen peaches. It was hot out there!

And we waited some more.

Then finally something started to happen!

And then we got cloud cover and didn't get to see the ring of fire.  :(

But we did play with our shadows in between the taking of the above pictures.
"Mom, are our shadows attached to our feet?  So where ever our feet move that's where our shadows go?"


sleepless said…
What a great teaching experience..and thanks for letting us share in the eclipse vicariously !! I love the modern dance and the shadow play...cute pictures of my grand daughters too, thanks !!

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