Sticks and stones

Mischief fell down the porch steps yesterday.  Building a gate for it is on our to do list (has been for 3 years), I think it just moved up the list.
 A bonk on the head with a small scratch and larger scratch on her lower back are the result of her fall.  I discovered I've stuck all our medical tape in the emergency kits and need to get some for the first aid kit in the house.  I did stick two regular bandaids on it and that pleased her.
 The girls finished off our gelatin jigglers today with the neighbor friend, who wanted to be in a picture.

 Drama Queens cute shorts are one of my most recent projects, they had been a pair of jeans that tore through at the knee.

Another project has been to gather up all our fairy house sticks so we could get the garden prepped and the lawn mowed.  I also had to cut or break off all the itty bitty leafy twigs from our large maple branch.
 We had a big wind storm last week (or it could have been the week before, I lose track of time quickly) and I saw this big branch in a yard.  On the way home from school we stopped at the house and asked if we could have it.  The lady there said yes, though I know she didn't fully understand what I was talking about as she told me, "I no good english."  I figure she was happy to have the branch out of her yard though since it fell from her neighbors tree.
 The back garden is doing alright.  The savoy cabbage has doubled in size since planting and the swiss chard, which I thought was going to die, has started to flourish.  What do you do with swiss chard anyway?  I remember eating it raw at Disneyland (when Tomorrowland was planted with produce and I used it as my main source of food while there) but is that what you're supposed to do? We picked about 6 small pea pods yesterday, The plants haven't really grown as much as I expected them to by now.

 Despite yesterday's fall, Mischief is doing great.  Her hair is a bit frizzy today because she was brushing it.  Standing on the stool, looking at herself in the mirror as she brushed it.  My mom has a picture of me doing the exact same thing at the same age.


sleepless said…
Ouch ..poor little back..great job on the shorts from jeans ! I am sure you can look on a recipe site to know what to do with Swiss chard..though eating it "as is" is probably very nutritious !!
Juli said…
Garden's coming along nicely. We do that with every single pair of jeans that comes through this house. Seriously. The boys can't keep knees in anything.

And holy heck... OUCH!

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