Truth is.....Thursday

Truth is......I could barely open my eyes this morning when Hazel Mae decided it was morning.  To the point that when an eye finally pried itself open Hazel took great delight in clawing it. Every. Single. Time.

Truth is........Hazel has allergies.  And she's teething.  Insert snotty congested nose and a hurting mouth.  Insert a fairly sleepless week for mommy.  aka, the swing batteries are dead.

Truth is........though the car just barely left, we've been a no car family since...the first day of April.  'Cause our registration expired March.

Truth is........tomorrow is Mischief's birthday.  She will be three.  She wants a cowboy hat.  I'm hoping Target has a cowboy hat cause I don't think anywhere else within walking distance will.

Truth is.........I made snickerdoodles last night, the kind Mischief can't eat and that Mr. Man loves.  And after eating 5 remembered that oh ya, that's why I don't make these.  I don't like that acrid taste they get from the cream of tartar.

Truth is.....I'm very tempted to wear my pajama pants when walking DQ to school today.  Cause 'm tired and lazy.

Truth "I like it enchilada style" Cafe Rio bumper sticker might get put on the wagon.  I'm contemplating.

Truth is.......I actually found myself enjoying washing dishes yesterday.  I did two towels full, which was everything that was dirty that was not in the dishwasher.  Today I will tackle the stuff in the dishwasher.  And  then clean the racks and attempt to remove the dirty water from the bottom of the dishwasher....

Truth is...Mischief is having chips for breakfast, DQ is having cookies for breakfast (she'll have a real breakfast at school) and Hazel Mae has been put back to bed after having a bottle and a jar of baby food.

Truth is......Mischief LOVES Barney.  I was a secret Barney watcher when I was a child.  In that if you asked if I watched Barney, I'd deny it.  And make fun of it.  My kids are totally allowed to watch it.  Mr. Man has adjusted.  In fact he put it on for her while I took DQ to school today.  Though that was in part due to his desire to stop her screaming.  She's a DELIGHT today.

Truth is.......I've now drugged Hazel with tylenol and given her some frozen strawberry slices in her feeder thing.  You know those mesh baggy things on a handle?  So she can chew away and not choke?

Truth is....I am like the little old lady you read about in books or see on tv shows.  The one that's always peering out from behind her curtain being nosy.

Truth is.....a friend on facebook, Wild Pilgrim Farmstead (that started out as me just being a follower for some giveaway or something, but we actually talk alot now, though I'm never sure if it's Bonnie or Jason that's on at the time!)  posted this which makes me want to grow lettuce again.  I need to find a slow bolt variety though. And get a container to plant lettuce in because lettuce in the garden gets super infested with earwigs.

I still need to plant our beans. And since the peas aren't really producing (I think we've gotten a dozen total and they are just not growing) I'm ripping them out and putting the cucumber there instead.  I'm a big supporter of growing your own produce organically using heirloom seeds.  Don't get me started on Monsanto.....stupid large and spacious building.....


sleepless said…
I enjoyed your Thursday comments ! Personally I think Barney is fine...especially when it keeps kids entertained. Sorry you are without a car, but, now you have driveway space to play ! Hope all goes well with your dishwasher desires.
Juli said…
God love ya having no car... I don't know if I could do it.

Our peas are doing really well, but so far the cukes have only produced two plants. The carrots aren't looking good either. Too much rain I think.

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