Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Sorry for the lack of posting. Our least old computer is having overheating problems and it is the main one we use as well as the only one that will read hd sd cards guess I'll have to go to Walgreens and make a cd! Here are some pictures from my phone with which I am posting, hurray for blogger app!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Garden Update

I'm doing much better at watering the garden this year, I suppose it helps that I'm not pregnant or with newborn.  That said, I'm very disappointed at how small all the plants are still, but have to remind myself that the growing season here has just barely started, we are just 3 weeks into it.   Here are some pictures of the front garden.
The tomato plants are a foot tall now, with one or two being taller than that.  
 Only two have blossoms so far, but it's a promising start.  We have nut grass something fierce this year, which I am not happy about.  Usually we have had just a touch of nut grass and mainly battle the bindweed, but this year I think the compost must have added to it because it is EVERYWHERE and oh so annoying.  And I discovered someone has taken our hula-hoe and the regular hoe.  GRRR!
 Something loves our bean plants.  Two have had the leaves eaten up completely, and the others partially.  The really big one you see here was half this two nights ago and then yesterday morning I looked at it and was surprised that it grew so much overnight!
 The ground cherries are starting to produce.  That makes me happy, but the plants haven't spread yet like the package said they would, so I don't think we'll be getting enough to can any jelly.
 This is our biggest squash plant.  Finally equal in size to the neighbor's plants.  Mine are from seed, theirs were started from seed by bonnie plants.  Which I am not opposed to at all, just look at my back garden which is half bonnie plants (and won't be ever again because it puts money in Monsanto's pocket.  Evil Evil Company is going to be the death of us all).  I'm just jealous at the size of their plants vs. mine.
 And this cutie is growing just fine too.  Even if she's getting sores on her hands and feet because she and Mischief have Hand, Foot, Mouth disease.  It's all over the place right now!  And that's why we are not at Auntie Beth and Uncle Philip's temple sealing today.  Mr. Man went though.   Hazel Mae thinks she's a big girl who does not drink from a bottle.  She will drink from the bottle under protest, but doesn't like sippy cups either really, and spills lots on herself when using a cup, though it is her favorite.  I think I may get some tupperware lidded sip cups.  she'd love that.  And she loves solid food.  My baby is growing up too fast!
The peas have grown and are producing a lot more.  Though I never see/eat them because the kids get to them first.  The cabbage has finally started forming heads, much to my relief, and the swiss chard is getting big enough that I don't fear I'm going to kill it every time I pull a few leaves.  

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Need help with fabric decisions....

Making this dress (the view the little girl is modeling) for DQ for first grade.

I want the main dress to be this fabric:

Which of these should I do for the contrast fabric?

I was just going to do C, but I'm afraid it will be too dark a contrast.

Comment with your choice!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Truth is.........I have nothing scheduled for today yet I'm feeling lots of anxiety.

Truth is.........Hazel was not impressed when I gave her milk today.  Sorry kid, you'll have to wait until Daddy wakes up and gets to the store for formula!

Truth is......I was in great need of going grocery shopping.....then our friends came and got me to take all the food from their fridge and freezer - they are moving - and now our fridge and freezer are nearly full.

Truth is.......I've been letting Mischief have gluten tainted things because I want her rash to be prominent for her appointment next month.

Truth is........I'm giving her chicken nuggets today, just got them from the neighbors.  I feel guilty and at the same time relieved to have an easy meal for the kids!

Truth is........I need to wash dishes and make a drawstring.

Truth is.......I need to do laundry.

Truth is.........I hate being in charge of bill paying and yet have always been super more stressed when I've assigned the task to my husband, so the job remains mine yet again.

Truth is.........the passage of time in my head and in reality do not align.  This means things like getting a notice that the electric company wants payment in 48 hours or our power will be shut off because I forgot to pay last month and it's due for this month already.  Ooops.

Truth is......My kids really really love Barney.

Truth is......I am OBSESSED with the BBC One show Sherlock.  As in Sherlock homes, but modern days and done oh so extremely well. I pretty much watch it daily.  And there are only 6 (80 minute) episodes.

Truth is......I was delighted to realize that two of my celebrity crushes totally look like my husband.  See, he could be their child!  (well if that were possible)  Long face like both, eyes like Hugh Laurie, nose and lovely lips like Benedict Cumberbatch.  My husband is HOT!

Truth is.......I'm totally just sitting here wasting time.  I should be making a drawstring cause I know I'm not going to walk down to the fabric store.

Truth is...........I need to make banana bread today.  Had to pull some old bananas out of the freezer to make room for the neighbor's things that are now ours.  Have you ever used previously frozen bananas for bread?  It's super fun to Goosh them out of the peel....though if you let them defrost to long the fun leaves and rather makes you want to hurl with how gooshy they are.......

Truth is........I need to finish getting lunch ready.  It's almost one.......

Sunday, June 10, 2012


On Saturday my sister and I got up at 3:30am to head down to the mall in the city south of me where we parked her car and got on a bus. That bus then drove up the canyon and dropped us off about 7 miles into the canyon.  There we stood around for an hour or so before using the port-a-potty and heading to the big inflatable archway that announced the reason we were up so insanely early to congregate with 2998 other people....

Oh yes, that is right, we CHOSE to inflict torture upon ourselves. And yes I chose a neon orange headband that conflicted immensely with my hair color, though in the above photo my hair is embracing the tone of the green light shining behind us....

I spent the first 3 miles mentally abusing myself for signing up for the half marathon and getting my sister to do it with me. She's a veteran marathoner.  She's done a full marathon and did a half marathon just 6 weeks before this.  It was something I had thought would be a great thing on a rare good day.  One of those days when I make goals and am all together productive beyond the normal making sure the kids are fed and relatively clean.

The second three miles I just focused on getting close to the halfway point.  My sister talking to me helped, and making me run when I didn't want to, and just generally being there. So I'm glad she joined me on this adventure.  Once we made it past the half way point
  I finally started feeling like I would survive this event.  

The hardest point was miles 8 and 9.  And maybe 10.  Those were hard.  Really really hard. Like to the point where my sister was walking next to me as I attempted to jog. That's right, I was jogging and not really going anywhere. Then we made it past mile 11.  and then look there was
That meant just one more mile!!  WOW!  I could do it!

And I did it.  I even forced myself to run the last little stretch that had people layered on either side.  It hurt.  I got a medal because I went 13.1 miles on foot in three hours and nine minutes.
And my sister totally deserves her medal because she stayed by me even though she could have finished an hour sooner.  Ignore my muffin top please.

Two of our cousins (sisters also) did the 10K, and we were excited to get to meet up with them at the end.
My mother was not happy that she didn't recognize us going across the finish line, what with our faces contorted in pain and all......

Thursday, June 7, 2012

It's not a good sign when your feet are killing you two days before you have a half marathon.  Your first half marathon. Your first half marathon that was your brilliant idea.  And by brilliant I completely mean stupid.

I'm just grateful my husband understands that my opinion of such, such being exercise, cleaning, life in general, will change before the year is out because in October we'll have health insurance and I can get on medication.  We're counting down the days....

As much as I'd like to vegetate tomorrow, I have a dress to finish and a skirt to start, and a clean table at which to do it!  So here's to sleeping even though my body/head says I'm supposed to stay up as long as I can so I can have some me time.  I think I'll go lay down and day dream until I fall asleep.  Day dream of my house actually staying this way.  And getting the painting finished.  And re-carpeting because I don't know what the girls spilled next to the kitchen (really who puts carpet under a breakfast nook, stupidity in the 1970s!) because that carpet seriously smells foul.  And putting in Ikea "wood" floors in the kitchen/sitting area and between the external doors.

Once I'm done sewing Lizzy's dress and skirt I'm done sewing until I find my happy place again.  Or even just my I can make my life better place would be nice.  So you hear that?  I'm NOT doing sewing.  NO I can not sew something for you incase you were wondering.  I can't even sew pyjamas for my girls, cause I have no desire to beyond the thought of "oh I should make them summer pyjamas with the cute precious moments fabric Aunt Dee gave me".  Hence (and due to time/family/children demanding attention and that their needs be met) why Lizzy's dress, correctly labeled "Easy", has taken over a month to get almost finished.  Cause I just suck like that.  Cause I'd rather lay on the couch and watch the fan spin 'round.  Or sit online and window shop, window shop, and pin.  Or change diaper after diaper after pull up after mess due to Mischief deciding she was done wearing pull ups.

Speaking of mischief, she's so not potty trained.  And she's three and though she's in pull ups, that's more due to it's what we have vs. my making an effort to get her to use the toilet.

Because as I mentioned I have no motivation to do much more than the basics of daily life.  Though he's kind and doesn't bring it up, I think my husband would like me to shower more than once a week..........and clean the house more than twice a month........and wash dishes more often than when we're completely out of clean things to use.

And now I'm going to bed.  Before another day of doing things begins.  Cause right now is the only time I don't actually have to do anything.  Anything but sleep.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Truth is.......Tuesday

Truth is....I'm impatient for Thursday.

Truth is.......I'm stressed out, I have alot going on this week.

Truth is........My  kids get to sit and watch tv all day today.  I'm cool with that.  I have sewing to do, if the baby ever decides to sleep.

Truth is......Her Majesty doesn't want to eat either.

Truth is.........she's being pleasant about it so I'm not going to push the subject.

Truth is.......I have a dress to finish for my cousin today.  It will involve lots of button holes.  Yet the thing I'm dreading is turning drawstring right side out.  Such a pain!

Truth is.....I need boxes. Lots of boxes in which to toss little girl clothes that I'm having trouble sorting (the whole size/season change.  Such a PAIN!)  and the craft supplies that are lingering in the sitting room.

Truth grand intention to have the sitting room all finished for the Lia Sophia party did not happen.  At least one wall (or majority of it) got washed.  There were just too many little hands wanting to help with chemical laden water.  I can't imagine trying to paint with them around.  I'd end up with some very primed children and poison control on speed dial.

Truth is.......I intend to stuff it all in the shed.  Now that the free sale stuff is gone, I have space for the other stuff.

Truth sister will be here tomorrow!

Truth is.......I need to figure out what snacks we're having at the party.  Oh pain.

Truth is........I want to sew for my girls today.

Truth is.......I'm not going to sew for my girls today.

Truth is........I need to go water the garden.

Truth is.......the girls are watching Rainbow Brite.

Truth is..........Hazel finally ate and is now down for a nap.

Truth is.........I need to clean my bathrooms.  I need to do a general pick up.  I need to do dishes.  I need to vacuum.  I need to clean under the couches.

Truth is........I need to lint roll the couch too.

Truth is..........I have a half marathon on Saturday.  It terrifies me.  At least my sister will be with me!

Truth's that lovely time of the month.  Last month was extra short, so hopefully this month will be too.  While I'm sure my MeLuna cup is up to the task of a marathon, I have no desire to test that out.

Truth is........I'm having a hard mental time today.  No reason for it, just not having a happy place.

Truth is.......I feel kinda trapped, cars really do make life easier and more things possible.  If I had a car, we'd go park hopping.  There are a lot of really cool parks in the area, just not walking distance.

Truth is.....I missed Mischief's 3 year well child visit so I had to re-schedule and it is on Thursday.  I have to get a dermatology referral.

Truth is..........I have cramps and it makes me sad.

Truth is......I was sad to begin with.  I'm just broken.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Picture updates

I've realized that when I print our blog to book, it's not going to have the header or individual pictures that I put on the edges of the blog page.  So I'll now be posting them as a post so we can have record of them.  It kinda shows how the girls grow.  And is like a urim and thummim to who is who in the posts, though I'm sure after reading a while one could figure out which child is refered to as what.  But as they have more than one name now...
 DQ, cause I'm to lazy to type out Drama Queen sometimes.  I love this picture.  Yes I cut out her beloved boyfriend (of whom she told me yesterday "I just can't stop thinking about him!"  AAAAAhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!)  I got stuck with a child as boy crazy as me.  Thankfully she doesn't seem to come across as a scary stalker like I did....
I love this picture because it is very rare that I'm able to photograph a genuine smile on her face.  Even her eyes are happy.  Not to say she's not a happy child, it's just that when the camera comes out she decides "I don't know how to smile mom, I forgot."  But I think my cousin Janae was quite right in saying Filipe must be her best friend.  Now to get over my own social issues and help set up a play date for them.

 I admit I just grabbed one of the pictures from Mischief's birthday photoshoot.  And I'm okay with the one I picked because it shows a regular activity of hers, rubbing her "freckle" (she basically creates sores or pimples on her face with her picking and rubbing and calls them freckles) and completely zoning out.  See the slightly vacant stare?  Yep, she's there physically, the end.  She does this much of the day and we wonder if she has autism or something.  It reminds me of kids who rock.  Only she rubs.  And if you stop her or interrupt her she f.r.e.a.k.s. out.  Notice her other new name?  I don't know if I've mentioned it on the blog, but I do refer to her as Master of the Universe on facebook.  The child is slightly psychotic.  But she's cute and she has her sweet moments so we'll keep her.

Look at that sweet, if a bit blurry, face.  Hazel Mae or Her Majesty.  I guess we could just call her H.M. but that reminds me of high school, because that's what my friends called me for like Sophmore and Junior year...I'll let you try and guess what it stands for, and it's not Her Majesty.  Hazel likes to sit and dictate to the play room.  No one else is allowed to sit in her "throne" if she is in the room.  She will yell.  Unless it's DQ.  She's already got a very strong rivalry with Mischief.  A power struggle of sorts.  Master of the Universe vs.  Queen of the household.  If I'm helping Mischief with something, Hazel will come and squeeze herself in between Mischief and I.  If I'm changing the Master's diaper, Her Majesty will come and plant herself in my lap.  Heaven forbid I should read Mischief a book, especially if Mischief sits in my lap.  Then it is MY head that is ordered off.  Mischief has her own issues with Hazel Mae.  As evidenced by Hazel's bruises.  Or the cut currently on her forehead from the corner of a block that Mischief whacked her with.

That's right, our house is full of peace and love, can't you tell?