On Saturday my sister and I got up at 3:30am to head down to the mall in the city south of me where we parked her car and got on a bus. That bus then drove up the canyon and dropped us off about 7 miles into the canyon.  There we stood around for an hour or so before using the port-a-potty and heading to the big inflatable archway that announced the reason we were up so insanely early to congregate with 2998 other people....

Oh yes, that is right, we CHOSE to inflict torture upon ourselves. And yes I chose a neon orange headband that conflicted immensely with my hair color, though in the above photo my hair is embracing the tone of the green light shining behind us....

I spent the first 3 miles mentally abusing myself for signing up for the half marathon and getting my sister to do it with me. She's a veteran marathoner.  She's done a full marathon and did a half marathon just 6 weeks before this.  It was something I had thought would be a great thing on a rare good day.  One of those days when I make goals and am all together productive beyond the normal making sure the kids are fed and relatively clean.

The second three miles I just focused on getting close to the halfway point.  My sister talking to me helped, and making me run when I didn't want to, and just generally being there. So I'm glad she joined me on this adventure.  Once we made it past the half way point
  I finally started feeling like I would survive this event.  

The hardest point was miles 8 and 9.  And maybe 10.  Those were hard.  Really really hard. Like to the point where my sister was walking next to me as I attempted to jog. That's right, I was jogging and not really going anywhere. Then we made it past mile 11.  and then look there was
That meant just one more mile!!  WOW!  I could do it!

And I did it.  I even forced myself to run the last little stretch that had people layered on either side.  It hurt.  I got a medal because I went 13.1 miles on foot in three hours and nine minutes.
And my sister totally deserves her medal because she stayed by me even though she could have finished an hour sooner.  Ignore my muffin top please.

Two of our cousins (sisters also) did the 10K, and we were excited to get to meet up with them at the end.
My mother was not happy that she didn't recognize us going across the finish line, what with our faces contorted in pain and all......


Laurel said…
Congratulations for accomplishing your goal! Hooray!
Emily Morgan said…
way to go girl! what an accomplishment!
sleepless said…
Very Impressive accomplishment !!! Gold stars on your chart !!

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