Garden Update

I'm doing much better at watering the garden this year, I suppose it helps that I'm not pregnant or with newborn.  That said, I'm very disappointed at how small all the plants are still, but have to remind myself that the growing season here has just barely started, we are just 3 weeks into it.   Here are some pictures of the front garden.
The tomato plants are a foot tall now, with one or two being taller than that.  
 Only two have blossoms so far, but it's a promising start.  We have nut grass something fierce this year, which I am not happy about.  Usually we have had just a touch of nut grass and mainly battle the bindweed, but this year I think the compost must have added to it because it is EVERYWHERE and oh so annoying.  And I discovered someone has taken our hula-hoe and the regular hoe.  GRRR!
 Something loves our bean plants.  Two have had the leaves eaten up completely, and the others partially.  The really big one you see here was half this two nights ago and then yesterday morning I looked at it and was surprised that it grew so much overnight!
 The ground cherries are starting to produce.  That makes me happy, but the plants haven't spread yet like the package said they would, so I don't think we'll be getting enough to can any jelly.
 This is our biggest squash plant.  Finally equal in size to the neighbor's plants.  Mine are from seed, theirs were started from seed by bonnie plants.  Which I am not opposed to at all, just look at my back garden which is half bonnie plants (and won't be ever again because it puts money in Monsanto's pocket.  Evil Evil Company is going to be the death of us all).  I'm just jealous at the size of their plants vs. mine.
 And this cutie is growing just fine too.  Even if she's getting sores on her hands and feet because she and Mischief have Hand, Foot, Mouth disease.  It's all over the place right now!  And that's why we are not at Auntie Beth and Uncle Philip's temple sealing today.  Mr. Man went though.   Hazel Mae thinks she's a big girl who does not drink from a bottle.  She will drink from the bottle under protest, but doesn't like sippy cups either really, and spills lots on herself when using a cup, though it is her favorite.  I think I may get some tupperware lidded sip cups.  she'd love that.  And she loves solid food.  My baby is growing up too fast!
The peas have grown and are producing a lot more.  Though I never see/eat them because the kids get to them first.  The cabbage has finally started forming heads, much to my relief, and the swiss chard is getting big enough that I don't fear I'm going to kill it every time I pull a few leaves.  


Juli said…
Well done you! And that girl seems to be growing quite nicely as well. :)
sleepless said…
keeping the garden growing, keeping the kids growing, keeping ourselves from growing, it is all so tricky ! You are doing a GREAT JOB !! hang in there. !!

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