It's not a good sign when your feet are killing you two days before you have a half marathon.  Your first half marathon. Your first half marathon that was your brilliant idea.  And by brilliant I completely mean stupid.

I'm just grateful my husband understands that my opinion of such, such being exercise, cleaning, life in general, will change before the year is out because in October we'll have health insurance and I can get on medication.  We're counting down the days....

As much as I'd like to vegetate tomorrow, I have a dress to finish and a skirt to start, and a clean table at which to do it!  So here's to sleeping even though my body/head says I'm supposed to stay up as long as I can so I can have some me time.  I think I'll go lay down and day dream until I fall asleep.  Day dream of my house actually staying this way.  And getting the painting finished.  And re-carpeting because I don't know what the girls spilled next to the kitchen (really who puts carpet under a breakfast nook, stupidity in the 1970s!) because that carpet seriously smells foul.  And putting in Ikea "wood" floors in the kitchen/sitting area and between the external doors.

Once I'm done sewing Lizzy's dress and skirt I'm done sewing until I find my happy place again.  Or even just my I can make my life better place would be nice.  So you hear that?  I'm NOT doing sewing.  NO I can not sew something for you incase you were wondering.  I can't even sew pyjamas for my girls, cause I have no desire to beyond the thought of "oh I should make them summer pyjamas with the cute precious moments fabric Aunt Dee gave me".  Hence (and due to time/family/children demanding attention and that their needs be met) why Lizzy's dress, correctly labeled "Easy", has taken over a month to get almost finished.  Cause I just suck like that.  Cause I'd rather lay on the couch and watch the fan spin 'round.  Or sit online and window shop, window shop, and pin.  Or change diaper after diaper after pull up after mess due to Mischief deciding she was done wearing pull ups.

Speaking of mischief, she's so not potty trained.  And she's three and though she's in pull ups, that's more due to it's what we have vs. my making an effort to get her to use the toilet.

Because as I mentioned I have no motivation to do much more than the basics of daily life.  Though he's kind and doesn't bring it up, I think my husband would like me to shower more than once a week..........and clean the house more than twice a month........and wash dishes more often than when we're completely out of clean things to use.

And now I'm going to bed.  Before another day of doing things begins.  Cause right now is the only time I don't actually have to do anything.  Anything but sleep.


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