Truth is.........I have nothing scheduled for today yet I'm feeling lots of anxiety.

Truth is.........Hazel was not impressed when I gave her milk today.  Sorry kid, you'll have to wait until Daddy wakes up and gets to the store for formula!

Truth is......I was in great need of going grocery shopping.....then our friends came and got me to take all the food from their fridge and freezer - they are moving - and now our fridge and freezer are nearly full.

Truth is.......I've been letting Mischief have gluten tainted things because I want her rash to be prominent for her appointment next month.

Truth is........I'm giving her chicken nuggets today, just got them from the neighbors.  I feel guilty and at the same time relieved to have an easy meal for the kids!

Truth is........I need to wash dishes and make a drawstring.

Truth is.......I need to do laundry.

Truth is.........I hate being in charge of bill paying and yet have always been super more stressed when I've assigned the task to my husband, so the job remains mine yet again.

Truth is.........the passage of time in my head and in reality do not align.  This means things like getting a notice that the electric company wants payment in 48 hours or our power will be shut off because I forgot to pay last month and it's due for this month already.  Ooops.

Truth is......My kids really really love Barney.

Truth is......I am OBSESSED with the BBC One show Sherlock.  As in Sherlock homes, but modern days and done oh so extremely well. I pretty much watch it daily.  And there are only 6 (80 minute) episodes.

Truth is......I was delighted to realize that two of my celebrity crushes totally look like my husband.  See, he could be their child!  (well if that were possible)  Long face like both, eyes like Hugh Laurie, nose and lovely lips like Benedict Cumberbatch.  My husband is HOT!

Truth is.......I'm totally just sitting here wasting time.  I should be making a drawstring cause I know I'm not going to walk down to the fabric store.

Truth is...........I need to make banana bread today.  Had to pull some old bananas out of the freezer to make room for the neighbor's things that are now ours.  Have you ever used previously frozen bananas for bread?  It's super fun to Goosh them out of the peel....though if you let them defrost to long the fun leaves and rather makes you want to hurl with how gooshy they are.......

Truth is........I need to finish getting lunch ready.  It's almost one.......


April said…
Abby, I love doing bills;) I'll help you with that if you want:)

On a side note--just put the bananas in the microwave (minus the peel) and then make your bread I do it all the time:)
Juli said…
Truth is... I just finished balancing the checkbook... $50 for the next 10 days...sigh....

Truth is... I have the next 3 days off.

Truth is... I fully intend to procrastinate my way through all 3 of them.
Jennifer said…
I always use bananas I have frozen! Its fun to squish them into the bowl for mixing :) And you are correct---your spouse is a dead ringer for the impossible love child of Hugh Laurie and Sherlock Holmes!

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