Truth is.......Tuesday

Truth is....I'm impatient for Thursday.

Truth is.......I'm stressed out, I have alot going on this week.

Truth is........My  kids get to sit and watch tv all day today.  I'm cool with that.  I have sewing to do, if the baby ever decides to sleep.

Truth is......Her Majesty doesn't want to eat either.

Truth is.........she's being pleasant about it so I'm not going to push the subject.

Truth is.......I have a dress to finish for my cousin today.  It will involve lots of button holes.  Yet the thing I'm dreading is turning drawstring right side out.  Such a pain!

Truth is.....I need boxes. Lots of boxes in which to toss little girl clothes that I'm having trouble sorting (the whole size/season change.  Such a PAIN!)  and the craft supplies that are lingering in the sitting room.

Truth grand intention to have the sitting room all finished for the Lia Sophia party did not happen.  At least one wall (or majority of it) got washed.  There were just too many little hands wanting to help with chemical laden water.  I can't imagine trying to paint with them around.  I'd end up with some very primed children and poison control on speed dial.

Truth is.......I intend to stuff it all in the shed.  Now that the free sale stuff is gone, I have space for the other stuff.

Truth sister will be here tomorrow!

Truth is.......I need to figure out what snacks we're having at the party.  Oh pain.

Truth is........I want to sew for my girls today.

Truth is.......I'm not going to sew for my girls today.

Truth is........I need to go water the garden.

Truth is.......the girls are watching Rainbow Brite.

Truth is..........Hazel finally ate and is now down for a nap.

Truth is.........I need to clean my bathrooms.  I need to do a general pick up.  I need to do dishes.  I need to vacuum.  I need to clean under the couches.

Truth is........I need to lint roll the couch too.

Truth is..........I have a half marathon on Saturday.  It terrifies me.  At least my sister will be with me!

Truth's that lovely time of the month.  Last month was extra short, so hopefully this month will be too.  While I'm sure my MeLuna cup is up to the task of a marathon, I have no desire to test that out.

Truth is........I'm having a hard mental time today.  No reason for it, just not having a happy place.

Truth is.......I feel kinda trapped, cars really do make life easier and more things possible.  If I had a car, we'd go park hopping.  There are a lot of really cool parks in the area, just not walking distance.

Truth is.....I missed Mischief's 3 year well child visit so I had to re-schedule and it is on Thursday.  I have to get a dermatology referral.

Truth is..........I have cramps and it makes me sad.

Truth is......I was sad to begin with.  I'm just broken.


sleepless said…
Truth is sound like a normal woman/wife/mother and are doing a good job.. Just do the best you goes on no matter what! Mama loves you !

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