Both laptops are dead now

The garden has started giving us a few snacks. Ground cherries, a dragons egg cucumber, and wild strawberries.

The girls have been working on their hand sewing skills.

Hazel loves brushing her hair.

Hazel turned one, enjoyed a cupcake and had an awesome photo shoot with my cousin.

We have been swimming and playing in the sprinklers.

We hit the farmers market for great prices on local in season produce. There was one really neat wood stand selling plants. I got bacon and eggs there as well though the outsides off the eggs were more striking than the insides, some of the yolks were paler than store bought eggs! Still made a super yummy sandwich with homemade bread, my farmers market bacon and eggs as well as whole grain mustard and cheese. So yummy!


Laurel said…
I want to see the pictures from the photo shoot!
sleepless said…
FUN STUFF !! Thanks for sharing !

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