Summer vacation

I've been scolded for my lack of blogging! It's a sad thing to not be able to get on the computer and do it! Our desktop is hooked up to the tv so we can watch Hulu and Netflix but its too blurry for me to read and type on. I have some super cute pictures that I need to get transferred to a disc so I can share them.

Last week after my family's 4th of July BBQ the girls and I hitched a ride up to Mr Man's parents house. We were there until yesterday. We did lots of fun things like go to the American West Heritage center and Androcles raspberries and go to the city pool where I got super sunburnt, thankfully the girls did not though, I did good keeping them covered and coated at least!

We didn't make it to see the hot aid balloons in Provo this year I've been having sleeping problems and get most of my sleep after 3 am which is usually hazels last bottle until sun up. So I try not to waked up before seven. Instead we visited the colonial village that had been set up in a nearby park.

Hazel turns one this week! That's crazy! She's proof that all kids develop differently as she does not walk or talk(beyond uh oh and ya) nor does she clap or wave on command. I'm not concerned yet though. She's still active and smart and friendly.

And here are pictures from my phone that I hopefully didn't post last week.


Juli said…
OUCH that sunburn looks brutal!

Cute pics...
Trishgoger said…
One already?!? Omigosh!
sleepless said…
Love all the photos..thanks for sharing them so I don't miss so much of their lives !!!
Myhouse4nine said…
They really are growing up fast, especially when you aren't around. Love your photos!

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