Tonight is the Cozette Couture home boutique.  I'm so excited.  Cozette Couture is basically a sister company of Persnickety clothing.  They are both companies that are what happens when stay at home moms are creative and want to dress their kids uniquely and cute.  And they are both Utah based.  Basically they're women like me who don't have issues that keep them from living up to their potential.

I LOVE Persnickey clothes.  I do not have $32 for a pair of adorable ruffled shorts though.

Nor do I have $83 for a too stinkin cute dress.

And those adorable pictures?  They're by Skye Johansen, of Skye Johansen Photography.

Can you tell I'm in awe of these women?

And guess what.  

I'm VERY positive they will all be at the boutique tonight.  What does that mean?  That means my kids are going to be wearing the cutest things they own, or at least whatever I've made that fits them.  My kids are going to look as adorable as possible.  In hope that the owners of these companies will look at them and say "You are so cute!  Would you model for us in exchange for some free (or deeply discounted) products?"  I'm taking our checkbook since tomorrow is payday, so by the time they process the check there will be money there. haha.  I've had my eye on this piece for a long while:
So we will get it tonight.  Unless I get distracted by something just as fabulous, or that matches one of my girls, such as this piece:
Which I'm pretty sure will match DQ.   I don't love it as much, but it gives you a look at the temptations that will be around!  SO FUN!!!  

Mischief is going to wear her mushroom dress and Hazel is going to wear a knot dress that I made for Mischief last year (?!) and I'm going to finish the dress I made in a day for DQ last month.  I had wanted it for a tunic top, but it's way too long for that so I'm going to stick the ruffle on it and there we go.

DQ just excitedly informed me she just caught another fly.  That's right we don't have a fly swatter, we have a fly catcher and her name is Drama Queen.
I haven't heard a sound from Mischief for a while, I suspect she may have fallen asleep while pouting in her cardboard box house.


Juli said…
We also have a fly catcher. His name is Youngest.
sleepless said…
you can fake the looks !!

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