Thursday, August 30, 2012

Truth is...Thursday

Truth is....The day goes by so fast and so peacefully now that DQ is in school.  No fights over toys (well just a few when Hazel is awake), no pouting, no constant questions and demands.  Actually scratch that last one. Mischief is constantly demanding food, but I never seem to find something she actually wants to eat.  So she's been living off of about one meal a day and lots of milk.

Truth is...I'm so ready for DQ to be home when school is out!  She's really gone most of the day, and while I enjoy it, I decided not to put her in an after school program, as then she would get out at 5pm!  That's dinner time!  It also helped that the only options available to a first grader are yoga and superheroes.  She was sort of interested in yoga but not really.

Truth is...Mr. Man is tired.  He feels like he's constantly on the go and except for when he's sleeping or exercising, he is at work or school, and that's the way his life will be for a few more years.  He at least has about gotten up to where he's getting his generals done instead of just getting to college level basics.  I'm grateful to those who have helped him with his homework the last two years.

Truth is...Mr. Man is training for the summer games in Southern Utah next year.  Looking at this years top scores, he's pretty certain he can get in the top three, and most definitely will win his division.  His ultimate goal is to do an Iron Man.

Truth is...I'm loving the six pack he's getting.  I married a skeleton, then that skeleton got some muscle in the Air Force, then it got bit of a fat pouch (mind you he's never had more than a 35 inch waist), and now the little spare tire is gone and muscle definition is popping up everywhere.

Truth is...I only get moderately paranoid about the size 2 women at the gym with my hottie husband.  He tends to not realize when someone is flirting with him (I had to throw myself at him back in the day).

Truth is...I have at least lost 10 pounds in the last three months.  All I had to do was stop eating.  Haha, just kidding.  For the most part.  I eat lunch.  And sometimes dinner.  And I'm hoping to lose a little more due to the daily walking I'm now doing.  Cause yes, I don't go to the gym daily despite having two hours child care there.  Cause at times like right now, I have no car.  and by the time there's a car here, it'll be lunch time, and by the time we're finished with lunch there may or may not be time to make going to the gym worth while before we have to go get Drama Queen from school.  And then by the time we get home from that I have to start making dinner, and after dinner it's time for baths and pajamas and homework(well it will be once she gets some) and cleaning up, then putting kids to bed and reading stories times three spaced by about half an hour.  and then it's like 8pm and I'm ready to go to bed myself!  Though I know people think I'm just lazy or not wanting to go to the gym...I am even in my gym clothes today in hopes of being able to go there at some point today if I can snatch the time.  But right now I can't becase I have no car, and Hazel is napping and Mischief's buddy is over playing.

Truth is...I have a sock fetish.  But not in a I like to collect them or see peoples socks sort of way.  In a I can't walk around barefoot sort of way.  I have to wear socks.  I don't always love wearing shoes, but socks are a must.  And that means all my socks are always dirty because I wear them outside.  I used to have a pair of shoes I could just slip on but one of the shoes has mysteriously disappeared.  I can't sleep with socks on though, so like the first thing I do in the morning is put on socks.

Truth is.....I'm lazy  I don't clean up after us very good.  My housekeeping skills really suck, which is funny because my mom keeps a clean house.  Taught me to put things away as you go.

Truth is.....Mischief and her buddy are watching The Rudolph, Frosty & Friends Sing Along movie....which is song clips from all those old Christmas movies that my siblings and I grew up watching...except the one playing right now and this song creeps me out.  It's young santa...singing "If you sit on my lap today, a kiss per toy is the price you'll pay"  and ya...there's just something about it that doesn't work for this day and age...making it just seem like young santa is a pedophile....

Truth is....I'm done now.  I'm boring myself so I'm sure I'm boring you too if you've even made it this far....

End of day truth is....Mr. Man asked how my day was and I said it was hard and I'm struggling and I feel worthless.   No response. So I told him your supposed to say "You're not worthless, wife!"  to which he says he didn't hear me say I felt worthless, he'd already stopped listening.  And told me I'm not worthless, I'm useful, I change diapers and kept the kids alive and fed.
So thrilled I'm useful as a nanny.  Just loving this purpose in life today...

Monday, August 27, 2012

Girl made river

Ummm.  Ya, I did totally let them waste water like that.  They had like 2 hours of fun though, and it was only on this hard for a few minutes, long enough to see that they successfully made a river effect and that left plenty of puddles for continued play.

Friday, August 24, 2012


Last night I saw Wicked at the Capitol Theater. That theater is tiny. I mean I only have high school plays and Mamma Mia at the Pantagous to compare this theater experience to, but I'm pretty sure our stage in high school was the same size as the one they did Wicked on here. And still it was marvelous. I've loved the soundtrack since they put it on CD and having all the spaces between the song filled in is just phenomenal! It is an awesome show.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Go eat worms

Huh.  Facebook just blocked me from commenting for a while because someone reported me as spamming. There are very few pages I comment on otherwise I comment on friend's statuses only.  So since I'm obviously not likeable even when I don't do anything obnoxious or that I think is obnoxious, I'll just go away for a while. Get more done that way anyway I suppose.

First Grade - DQ

Miss DQ started first grade this week.  She was so very excited.  She had a great day and was all smiles after school.  The most detail I got of the day was about her lunch though...she picked a salad.  And fresh fruits and veggies.  And some bread and milk!  I was surprised she was not hungry after school.

She was also excited to show/tell me about the pencil box full of supplies that she won because her name was drawn from the PTA giveaway because I stopped at the PTA table on back to school night(afternoon). I'm sure it has nothing to do with the fact that the PTA appears to be my visiting teachers....(visiting teachers are two ladies from church who go to visit and make sure all is well with a family or three in the ward - ward being our congregation.  I'm shirking my duties as a visiting teacher...I have yet to meet my new companion for it, entirely my fault, though they are emphasizing the importance of visiting teaching this year, I have yet to enjoy it.  I think if everyone could just come to my house that would help, but would defeat half the purpose...).

And I want to applaud myself for getting dressed today even though I was lazy and drove her to school.  After dropping her off, Hazel and Mischief and I weeded the garden (Mischief had her own two foot section she had to weed, and successfully did so.  Hazel put our weeds in the "weed wagon") then Mischief went to Grandma Linda's and Hazel went down for a nap and I did dishes and then did this and now I'm going to get a loaf of bread going so we can have sandwiches tomorrow, and will see if the green beans we got a week or so ago are spoiled or not..if they are I'll just ask the neighbors for some more...cause we're having potato and green bean stew for dinner (yep, we're pretty much out of meat. I  need to stock up on reduced meat this weekend.  That is a huge plus for living in Utah, grocery stores are closed Sunday so they majorly cut down perishible prices on Saturday...).  Yesterday we had lentil stuffed eggplant and it was really quite good.  I don't know how we made the milk and fruit last all week last week because this past Monday we finished this week's produce and one gallon of milk and the other gallon is now half gone.  hello inconsistency, you are not my friend!  And I'm not buying gluten-free animal cookies for Mischief again, because they are delicious and Mr. Man(and the kids, he says) finished off the entire $4 box in a matter of hours.  hello ulcer. 

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Dinosaur Land

A local attraction has a dinosaur museum amongst other things. This month they are doing $2 Tuesdays so today I took Mischief while DQ was at school and Hazel at home napping with daddy. Mischief loves dinosaurs. Except I don't think she realized just how big they really are so she was a bit terrified.
It was very busy. Lots of people. She didn't love the excavation or water table areas so from now on we will stick with BYUs free dinosaur museum. But next week I think we will go to the farm area for $2 Tuesday. Just around lunch time because that's when the lines disappeared.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Koeven Family Reunion

We had the family reunion at a new park this year and I thought it was a GREAT location!  I hope everyone else did too.  I far preferred it over where we've had it the past half a dozen (or so) years.  Despite the location change we had the usual activities of bracelet/necklace making and the fishing pond.  Instead of fried chicken, this year we had bbq ribs.  The food was delicious and I stopped feeling guilty about not bringing a side dish when I saw just how much food was on the tables.  There was a huge turn out this year.  The Koeven family member spotlighted was Uncle Joe, who I actually have memories of, so that was nice.  And I learned something new about my mom with the memories she shared of him!

 In honor of Uncle Joe, we painted flower pots, which then got planted before taking them home!  Uncle Joe had a green house here in Utah.  A very good, well made greenhouse that he built himself.  That greenhouse may be the reason I love gardens so much, the smell of it was magical.  All greenhouses make me think of Uncle Joe.  So do owl statues, cause they had one in their back yard hidden in the bushes and it did it's job of scaring little girls...
 Another tradition, started by my cousin a few years ago...cotton candy!

 This park is in a canyon and there were marvelously large hills for rolling down that we had all to ourselves!

 With Great Grandma. She is the girls only living great grandparent.  My only remaining grandparent. I love my grandma. 
 Four generation picture:

Friday, August 17, 2012


Drama Queen excels at delaying bedtime.  Or I should say at getting out of bed repeatedly.  There is one excuse that I actually enjoy, and that is her questions.
While she lays in bed doing everything she can to avoid falling asleep, she has the most interesting thoughts. And those thoughts lead to questions.  Nothing like a gal in the ward who's 9 and 7 year old who have had discussions about sex, drugs and rock & roll(generalizing there...), but things that I find interesting enough to sit and talk with her instead of ordering her back to bed.  At the time of typing this the two questions so far (spaced about 10 minutes apart) are:  Do animals come out at night here? (here meaning our neighborhood) and Are there recycling places you can go to? (because she likes to "recycle" things, but what she really means is reuse, and was disappointed at what recycling really means).