I came across this on one of my favorite pinterest user's boards.  LOVE it! 

I thought pinterest would be a great idea for inspiration today but unfortunately it instead made my head sad at all I'd like to do but do not have the means to at this time.  So instead lets look at some pretty pictures while Mischief plays on the kitchen table with paintbrushes and watermelon rinds.  Hazel Mae is taking a much needed nap, and DQ is at her 1st grade assessment with Mr. Man.  Because my clothes are all in the bedroom where sleeping Hazel Mae is....

Oh let's start with my background music cause it's part of how I'm feeling today. Basically all EFY cause I'm not wanting MoTab sound today.

Source: via Leela on Pinterest


sleepless said…
Very Nice music to go with the beautiful classic pictures !!! That was fun, thanks !

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