First Grade - DQ

Miss DQ started first grade this week.  She was so very excited.  She had a great day and was all smiles after school.  The most detail I got of the day was about her lunch though...she picked a salad.  And fresh fruits and veggies.  And some bread and milk!  I was surprised she was not hungry after school.

She was also excited to show/tell me about the pencil box full of supplies that she won because her name was drawn from the PTA giveaway because I stopped at the PTA table on back to school night(afternoon). I'm sure it has nothing to do with the fact that the PTA appears to be my visiting teachers....(visiting teachers are two ladies from church who go to visit and make sure all is well with a family or three in the ward - ward being our congregation.  I'm shirking my duties as a visiting teacher...I have yet to meet my new companion for it, entirely my fault, though they are emphasizing the importance of visiting teaching this year, I have yet to enjoy it.  I think if everyone could just come to my house that would help, but would defeat half the purpose...).

And I want to applaud myself for getting dressed today even though I was lazy and drove her to school.  After dropping her off, Hazel and Mischief and I weeded the garden (Mischief had her own two foot section she had to weed, and successfully did so.  Hazel put our weeds in the "weed wagon") then Mischief went to Grandma Linda's and Hazel went down for a nap and I did dishes and then did this and now I'm going to get a loaf of bread going so we can have sandwiches tomorrow, and will see if the green beans we got a week or so ago are spoiled or not..if they are I'll just ask the neighbors for some more...cause we're having potato and green bean stew for dinner (yep, we're pretty much out of meat. I  need to stock up on reduced meat this weekend.  That is a huge plus for living in Utah, grocery stores are closed Sunday so they majorly cut down perishible prices on Saturday...).  Yesterday we had lentil stuffed eggplant and it was really quite good.  I don't know how we made the milk and fruit last all week last week because this past Monday we finished this week's produce and one gallon of milk and the other gallon is now half gone.  hello inconsistency, you are not my friend!  And I'm not buying gluten-free animal cookies for Mischief again, because they are delicious and Mr. Man(and the kids, he says) finished off the entire $4 box in a matter of hours.  hello ulcer. 


Juli said…
They are sinfully yummy. And a word of warning... steer clear of the Glutino yogurt covered pretzels.... they last about 2.6 seconds here.
sleepless said…
Thanks for sharing the new school year photos !! How fun ! Sorry facebook is giving you issues...

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