I made progress on the living room today. I realized there was plenty of space on the shelf in the laundry closet for one box of fabric. Did laundry, folded and put away even. Gathered up trash. Threw the misc in an empty diaper box and papers in a different box to go through and get filed later. Some would say why don't you do it as you go? But if I did that nothing else would get done. A bit more to do then I can turn the table and trade the glider for the love seat so we can all stop fighting over the only chair in front of the tv.

I did two loads of dishes and swept the kitchen as well.

Washed Ava's sheets because she peed in them at least twice last night.
She has no interest in the potty today though she did fabulously yesterday.

Hazel Mae is sick with who knows what. She's had a fever or simply felt hot as well is sleeping poorly and is eating a little less. I talked to the nurse at the dr office and she thought it sounded like teething. We don't have health insurance anymore so I haven't taken her in but if this hasn't changed by next week I will whatever the cost.

I get points for everyone living through the day. Maddie and Ava have been fighting all day, mostly over toys so those keep getting taken away. And I had the delightful surprise of finding why the girls room reeks....two stashes of full pull ups. Only cleaned half the room so far so I may have more waiting. These children make me want to vomit. I love them, but really? How do you not think gosh I should throw this pee filled object away? And the wall by Ava's bed is costed with dried boogers.

It is hot. I'm tired from being up with the baby the last three nights. But I get points for being productive. Good job abby you survived the day and didn't even maim anyone.


Laurel said…
I don't think that children can smell pee.
Jennifer said…
Great Job :) baby steps
sleepless said…
Yes, good job Abby, for surviving all this and not maiming anyone..if you let them grow up and keep loving them, they turn into really nice adults...sorry but it all sounds very normal..even the boogers on the wall. You get survival stars on your chart !!

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