Non-imaginary Hogle Zoo

A weeks later, here's our trip to the zoo!  I apologize for the blurriness.  I sometimes suck at taking pictures.
 Monkey that made me think of a skunk...

 See the terror on Mischief's face?  It's because of the elephant Drama Queen is sitting on in the picture after...
 This elephant snores, sneezes, and sprays mist out of it's trunk.

 Hazel Mae was oh so impressed.  See the red patches starting on her face?  They appeared after 4 days of fever. The next day she had full body rash. That's right, Roseola.  Or so I self diagnosed.  It took another 5 days before she was herself again.

 This gorilla was pretty big.  And obviously the boss.
 These young gorillas weren't quite sure what to do other than stay out of his way.

 Majority of the animals are indoors....makes picture taking difficult.  And most were sleepy.

 I told them to be birds...apparently this is what they think birds do...
 Their bald eagles look none too healthy.
 Waiting for the otters to stop hiding.
 They came out for food.  Ground up raw meat of some sort.

 Pictures by Mr. Man:

 Then I took the camera back.

 Look!  They've caged Jareth! (anyone get the reference?)

 A very small cluster of bats.  It was too dark to get the large mass clusters.
 Mischief's favorite....
 The pink blur with a hat on behind DQ is a cousin (once removed?  Something like that, my cousin's daughter...).  It was pretty funny to run into them at the zoo!


sleepless said…
Cool catching the spider web in the chain the lime green shirt Mischief closeup ..the two in the tunnel is cool..the giraffes looked curious ! Thanks for sharing the fun photos! I didn't know you didn't plan on seeing Becky and kids at the zoo !!
Juli said…
Very nice! Looks like a great time. I love the spiderweb pic... I don't have the focus or megapixels to get a shot like that.
Laurel said…
Your first cousin's daughter would be your daughter's second cousin.
I think that is exactly what birds do! ;)

Your girls are precious, and you always have the best pictures of them!!

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