Drama Queen excels at delaying bedtime.  Or I should say at getting out of bed repeatedly.  There is one excuse that I actually enjoy, and that is her questions.
While she lays in bed doing everything she can to avoid falling asleep, she has the most interesting thoughts. And those thoughts lead to questions.  Nothing like a gal in the ward who's 9 and 7 year old who have had discussions about sex, drugs and rock & roll(generalizing there...), but things that I find interesting enough to sit and talk with her instead of ordering her back to bed.  At the time of typing this the two questions so far (spaced about 10 minutes apart) are:  Do animals come out at night here? (here meaning our neighborhood) and Are there recycling places you can go to? (because she likes to "recycle" things, but what she really means is reuse, and was disappointed at what recycling really means).


sleepless said…
She is a thinker..and I love her with her teddy bear photo shoot !!! beautiful photos Abby.
Trishgoger said…
She is very photogenic!

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