what dreams become

Once upon a time I dreamed of a house with big front porch(like in the movie Summer Magic, but a white house, not yellow).  That house was on a large acreage of green land filled with trees and a meadow and well very much looking like the Moors in the Secret Garden movie with a touch of the Scrumptious' yard in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, swing and all.  I dreamed of waking in the morning to the yard covered in fog, dressing myself and my daughters in flowy chiffon clothes and running outside to dance, like fairies, in that magical mist.

Fast forward 10 years.

By the time we have a house and a yard my girls will be grown.
Utah doesn't have mist.
With the size I am, dancing while wearing a flowy chiffon dress would be akin to an elephant caught in a mess of tulle stomping around trying to get out of it.


Seth said…
Utah does get fog. I distinctly remember one night when I wondering around at about 1 a.m. through a nice fog, taking picture of streetlights.
sleepless said…
We can all dream...but life is what happens while we are making other plans...The Lord has his own ideas for each of us.
Freth Stifter said…
Fog was so bad on I-15 in SLC one night ... I couldn't even make out the overhead street signs (just a light glow in the mist) ... I had to pray for a hole in the fog so I could see, read, and exit at the proper place. That's exactly what happened ... fog all around, except in one vertical hole. Got to where I needed to go ...
Laurel said…
Last night we went to see The Secret Garden ballet. It was at the Redlands Bowl, which is an outdoor amphitheater. It was over 100 degrees at night. The girl playing Mary was dancing around onstage wearing a coat pretending it was cold. I found myself wishing for a foggy moor too.
Dreams are good. They keep us looking forward. It took us 16 years of marriage before we were able to buy a house, but it finally happened. I will happen for you, too.

And fog (or at least humidity) is overrated. ;)

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