Mom and baby elephants.
DQ sitting on an elephant sculpture.
52 year old elephant.
Mischief and DQ looking at old elephant.
Seals and/or Sea lions.
DQ and Mischief by window that shows into the water where there is a sea lion swimming.
Blurry Polar Bear.
Tired not exactly happy but not complaining Hazel.
Lynx, by Mr. Man.
Tigers, by Mr. Man.
Big Horn Sheep.
Sleeping wolf.
Sleeping wolf in a different spot.
DQ and Giraffes.
Mischief infront of giraffe area.
Close up of giraffe.
Little monkey.
Mischief, DQ, looking at snakes (and Tessa and Adam looking too).

Those are the pictures you'd see here if this computer would read the camera card.  I just ordered a card reader, so hopefully that will solve this problem.

We woke up this morning and decided to go to the zoo.  FYI for those in Utah - Hogle Zoo gift cards lose value over time.  So the $25 gift card we we recieved a few Christmases ago only had $9 on it.  Lame.
We were thrilled to discover that in the "Asia" section of the Zoo is the Cat Wok Grill which has rice bowls.  You can get them with only the rice, steamed vegetables and grilled chicken breast.  Plain and simple and Gluten free.  WONDERFUL  finally got food into Mischief and Hazel, cause she was being very picky and not happy and didn't even want a bottle, she was happy to have a bunch of rice dumped on the stroller tray for her.

Notice what the zoo is missing?  NO LION!!  :(

Our house is a zoo as well.  A fly zoo.  Last night we discovered about 2 dozen flies in the bathroom.  Mr. Man figures they must have come through the vent (we need to put a screen over it) because we'd closed the window, a few days ago.  And these were full grown flies not little.  So gross.  I closed myself in with them and a bottle of windex.  Killed most.  Soem escaped some how and are now reeking havoc around the house.  So the whole house smells like windex cause I'm keeping it on hand to attack the flies that are attacking us.

Hazel is still sick or whatever she is.  Cranky.  I'm going to be giving her the amoxicillan we have in the fridge to see if that solves anything.  It's left over from an ear infection of Mischief's.  Pretty sure there's enough in it to last a full run since Hazel has a smaller dosage than Mischief did.  Otherwise she's seriously not so fun.  After we got home today she sat and cried until I force fed her most of a bottle and put her to bed.  For the last week she's slept poorly until between 3 and 4 am, which means I've slept poorly and I'm so so tired and want to take a nap.  I tried yesterday or the day before (don't remember, days blur together) and the bigger girls got snapped at after waking me up for the fifth time in the brief half an hour window I was laying down.


Juli said…
I am surprised your virtual pictures did not include any animal peeing or getting busy. Seems every time we go to the zoo, nature takes over.

AbigailDawn said…
BAHAHAHA - the baby elephant did let loose while we where there. I don't even want to know how large an elephant bladder is, but I can tell you it holds A LOT. Some grandmother walked away proclaiming "Absolutely disgusting!" And I was like, really? Where do you expect it to go? It's whole world is on display!
sleepless said…
Ya, these are animals..without bathrooms ! Wonderful on the food they could eat ! Real lame that the gift card looses value. Did you know Becky wold be there ? You need a fly strip by that vent. We have spiders coming from who knows where around our house. I hope you can get some rest and feel better. Thanks for sharing, even without photos.
Laurel said…
Fun imaginary pictures!
Jamie Hatch said…
Are you serious? it lost value? so disappointed! If we'd of only known... Still glad you were finally able to get to the Zoo! We, too were shockingly disappointed at the lack of lions, a zoo without lions, just isn't a real zoo.

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