Friday, September 28, 2012

Three year old Chatterbox

"Mommy look at my fairy.
Mom, you want make some fairy stuff?"
"Nope, I need to make breakfast."
"Okay Mom.  Bye Mom."
very faint sound of a sneeze
"Mom what's that noise?"
"A neighbor."
"Neighbor from your phone?"
"No, the neighbor outside sneezed."
"Scary out there."
"No, not really."
"It way forest out there mom."
"It's a forest out there?! Oh my goodness."
"Ya, it's way real. Ya.  Far away. With a way ghost."
"Oh my."
"It in the sky. Way hiding. Ooooo Oooooo.  Like that Mom."
I see"
"A leaf falling down on the ground....Mom, I giving you story."
"You're giving me a great story."
"A ghost story. skeletons and Halloween and witches and apple. Woooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.  We going to get you.  On Halloween we get you.  Mom, that scary?"
"That's real scary."
"Uh huh, it's real.  Mom, a witch is, it here.
"Mom a witch is here."
"A witch is here?"
"Mmmhmmm. Outside."
"Oh my."
"Eating our plants."
"Why is she doing that?"
"Ya, fun. It ate all it.  Us can't eat them. Tomatoes still here. I go outside mom?"
"Not right now."
"I done mom."
" We need to eat breakfast."
"I not eat, I not want, I not hungry yet. Mom, I not hungry yet."
"I want go outside door."
"No, not outside time yet."
"You be done?"
"In a bit."
"Mom, I got...down there is something........That's alright."

Youtube cut about a minute off of the movie,  I'm sure you don't mind.  :) She really talks nonstop though....

Monday, September 24, 2012

The big girls room

It is clean!! It has been months since you could see the floor in here. We even, with her help, washed the wall by Mischief's bed which had been coated with crayon, pen, pencil, nail polish, boogers, poop(or maybe chocolate, i refused to do a smell test), and stickers! Hurray for magic erasers!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Autumn Cleaning

The house has been getting worse and worse in the build up of stuff.  Mr. Man said something has to change, and I agree, it was miserable living in our house.  My sis-in-law was at our house for a few hours last night and got me jump started because she washed all my dishes, and well really she pretty much cleaned my kitchen.  She's so awesome!  I spent hours and hours today, bagging and boxing stuff.  To go.  Out out out.  I don't want to be in here like this all winter!  

Is the house perfect now? No, and since I worked almost all day, that tells you how bad the house was.  

But now I can walk into my closet.  I'm down one arm for lifting at the moment, but give me a few weeks and I'll get that shelf niced up and boxes up there instead of blocking the bookcase that you can't see on the right of my closet.
The playroom is play in able again.  I didn't get to do as much in there as I'd like, because well...if you've ever tried cleaning up kid stuff with kids, you understand....
And now, the biggest change, because it's the room you walk into when you get home from...anywhere...  Essentially everything that's on our porch now (our porch will be a mess for a week because next Saturday is the free sale to which I'll be taking it all, except the fabric that will go to my sister-in-law for donation quilt making) was in this room and well, it was bad.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Daisy Award

Mmmmmmm, kay.  So Elaina decided to give me a blog which I have to share 7 unusual/weird facts about myself.  I've known Elaina since high school and she mentioned two high school things when saying who she was passing the award on to, and they're pretty weird so I'm using them as two of the things, and I may not pass the award on because I don't even really read blogs often anymore unless you tag me on Facebook and say hey, go read this, which is what she did, so I don't know who is still actively blogging, much less reads my blog.  Elaina is entertaining you should go read her blog called yesterday's happenings.  Though her profile is a big liar and says she's still in Virginia, and she's not, she's living the dream in CA.  And by the dream I mean working at Disneyland.  The Happiest Place on Earth.  No really, I fully believe that.


1.  I wore cloaks.  Which really was just one cloak.  Which my mom made for me, it's dark grey and at the time I was certain I was allergic to wool, so I told her NOT to use wool on it even though it'd make it warmer.  She followed my command despite her better judgement.  It was Senior year of high school and I wore it instead of a coat.  Every. Day.  I liked it because I could hide in it, and yet at the same time, I was no longer invisible, so I wasn't really hiding.  Except in English class.  If I hid in my cloak, it really seemed to have magic powers and Ms. Plummer would leave me alone.  Except once.  But that was at the beginning of my wearing it.  I wore it everywhere, even Disneyland.  Kids at school I didn't know would say hi to me.  Not maliciously either, maybe mockingly, but not meanly.  Even though they called me Harry Potter and Little Vampire.  Which never made sense cause I had Hermione hair and am a girl......

2.  Also in high school, I got gypsy pounced.  Proof Elaina is psychotic and should be locked up.  JUST KIDDING!  Elaina thinks she's a gypsy.  (she mentions this in her seven things, go read it)  And we had 11th grade English together.  Ms. Yu was often late getting to the class room, so we'd all stand around outside waiting.  Or we'd sit around outside....and Elaina would sometimes randomly pounce on me.  I mean seriously random, she could go for weeks without doing it and then suddenly wham I'm falling over from the attack. She also delighted in pushing me off curbs.  Especially if Bryan Bailey aka "Mr. T" was infront of me. We also created our own sign language that year so we could talk in class after Ms. Yu moved us from sitting next to each other.  We had our own hand gesture for "Bryan Bailey aka Mr. T".  I had a big crush on him in case you couldn't tell.  He was my Junior year crush.  Along with Daniel Rosener and Alejandro Romero.  Yes, I was boy crazy.

3.  In my head I'm somewhere between age 14 and 22.  I have the self esteem of my 14 year old self, but the 22 year old knowledge that I'm responsible for my life and the lives of a few others.  I'm always curious as to what age other people are inside.  I never voice my curiousity, but it gives me something to ponder when I'm bored.

4.  I used to play trumpet.
I used to play clarinet.
I love that I know how, I love that I took music and band.  I hate that musical instruments, namely these two, make me think of spit.  Just the smell of them even makes me kinda nauseous now because they smell like spit to me.  Really they smell like the oil that you lubricate them with, but my brain associates it with spit and that's nasty.  Did you know brass instruments actually have a spit valve?  During band practice you had to keep a little bowl with you to drain the saliva into at the end of class (and middle of class).  Hurl.
I still have my clarinet, I should get some reeds and music for it. Mr. Man wants to teach DQ.

5.  When using a public restroom, and therefore paper towels, I must use two paper towels.  If I use more or less, I have a mini panic attack.  This is actually an improvement, as it used to be a four paper towel OCD, but then I got all environmentally conscience and worked my way into being okay with two paper towels.

6. Long nails freak me out.  I can tolerate them up to a quarter inch on women, but if there's more than a pencil line worth of white nail on a man's nails I kinda freak out a little.  I will tell Mr. Man when to cut his nails, because if they get too long I don't want to be anywhere near his hands for any reason.  I can't stand my nails longer than about an 8th of an inch, and the girls nails I keep short short short.  Well, DQ's get a bit longer, I cut hers today and they were a bit over an 8th of an inch, and filthy.  Hazel's get cut as soon as they are cutable because I don't want to get clawed, and Mischief's have to be kept cut because otherwise she will scratch herself to bleeding if we aren't careful (she may or may not have petit mal seizures, it's another thing being added to the list to look into once we have health insurance, my mother gave me the name for it I thought perhaps it was some learning disorder/autism symptom).  My mom always kept my nails really short and I have memories of her telling me they were dracula claws when they were long....and she would cut them with nail scissors, still don't know how she did it, I've tried on my kids, never worked.

7.  I hate breathing the same air as other people.  As in my face under 2 feet away from someone else.  I don't know if it's the smell (be it yucky or mouthwashy) or the warmth, or what.  I can't stand it.  I don't mind baby's breathing on me, but I can't breath on them, as though it will make them shrivel up.  This means if there's someone in my bed, I have to face a different direction from them, even if that results in me being in an uncomfortable position.  I'm just weird.

And there you have it.  7 random and weird things about me.  The only person I know who actively blogs and would do this is Juli, so Juli, you get the Daisy Award, I'd love to learn 7 unusual/weird things about you!

Magical Mischief

With Mischief being the second child she is silently compared with her big sister at that age. Not compared as in is she doing it just the same or is she better, compared as in, huh you two are SO different! And it is awesome. Worrisome at times, but still awesome. Sometimes I worry because Mischief doesn't seem to be able to identify what she's seeing to the words associated with it. She does finally know almost all the basic shapes, but we are still struggling with colors and letters are a whole different story. Another thing that has worried me is that her drawings haven't really evolved.

As a one year old, she didn't scribble, she'd draw clusters of tiny circles or tiny lines and zigzags.

Her circles have gotten a bit bigger and her lines a bit longer, but basically that is still how she draws. When her pictures actually create something understandable, she gets lots of praise. Lately it's been monsters. Today during craft time she started drawing and said she was drawing daddy. There were a few straight lines and circles on her paper and I started feeling sad and thought about pulling out DQs three year old pictures. First I decided to take a picture of what Mischief was drawing, and in doing so went to the opposite side of where I had been and was startled, surprised and delighted to SEE her picture. She HAD drawn daddy and mommy and Maddie and started on herself.

Looking at her pictures with new eyes I can see she draws faces on everything. Sometimes lots of eyes, but consistently there are eyes and a mouth, sometimes a nose and cheeks and eyebrows(or unibrow) as well. My own little Picaso.
a monster:
her family portrait of us:  (it's now in a frame on the wall)

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Red Gingham

After getting this up in my kitchen....I started looking for fabric to make dining chair cushions...and ended up searching for red gingham on are some items I ran across in the process and love.

Vintage 1960's Square Dancing Red Gingham Blouse

1950's Red and White Striped Dress

Red Gingham Baby Dress
(I think Baby Sally needs this one.)

Red gingham and floral retro frilly apron

Red gingham apron

Red Gingham Padded Heart

Pincushion Pail with Blossoms in Red Gingham

PLAY Pillow in Red Gingham and Aqua Polka Dots

Coin purse retro apple on red gingham

Miracles of sleep

More than a year ago we started a project in our big room. My husband and father built bookcases at one end of the room and then Mr Man and I stripped part of the wallpaper from the walls at the other end. Before all this took place some beams were built into the room to lift the sagging ceiling (raised it 7 inches). This also helped define the one long room into two. One end, where the bookcases are, is the playroom and the other part with the front door is the sitting room or blue room as we have repapered two of the three walls with blue wallpaper. All the walls in the trailer are wood paneling, so we stripped the bottom half of the walls completely free of paper and have had grand intentions of painting it white and putting up chair railing to mimic wainscoting.

Well today finally saw the wallpaper get finished. Now I have to wash all the lower walls free of year old dried wall paper paste so we can prime and paint them. I'm tempted to just buy some of that paint that is paint and primer in one otherwise I fear it will never get done as I have to work with Hazel's nap time which is a brief two hours a day.

Besides this, all the beams need to be sanded so they too can be painted. I might have left them rustic wood, but the installers put white stuff on parts of them (I'm so technical I know).

But hey. The wall paper is up!!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Benson Marina

We ended Saturday with canoeing and a picnic out at the Benson Marina. 8 adults, 11 kids and one babe in arms. We enjoyed chicken and potatoes and tomatoes and rolls. Uncle Jami and Aunt Tawnya took Mischief and DQ out in a canoe and Mr Man and I took one out ourselves. The girls all loved playing in the water. Hazel thought the rocks were delicious.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

The Verdine's

Up in Logan they do a parade of homes type thing but with old homes that have been restored to their former glory. The owners of the homes kindly open their home for people to trample through examining the architecture, fine details, original fixtures and their personal decorating style. And if course some of us want to steal ideas. There were seven homes to visit on Saturday and this one was my favorite. The home is 110 years old and the owners have lived their for twenty years, it has four bedrooms, three of which have been converted to craft rooms since their children have grown up. (I think the couple is around my parents age). The moment you stepped in it felt homey and welcoming and comfortable. And the hostess was very friendly so I felt comfortable asking to take pictures and she said I could take pictures of whatever I wanted. So here are my pictures and I wish I had taken more!