Benson Marina

We ended Saturday with canoeing and a picnic out at the Benson Marina. 8 adults, 11 kids and one babe in arms. We enjoyed chicken and potatoes and tomatoes and rolls. Uncle Jami and Aunt Tawnya took Mischief and DQ out in a canoe and Mr Man and I took one out ourselves. The girls all loved playing in the water. Hazel thought the rocks were delicious.


Jennifer said…
you take the most breath taking pictures of your children. You always seem to find the right light and catch those silent beautiful moments. I just love looking at your pictures and reading about your adventures!
April said…
what a fun experience:) Love the pictures!!!! I'm months behind you are amazing that you can stay current!
Laurel said…
I love these pictures, they are timeless. And, I love Mischief's curls! She should be Little Orphan Annie for Halloween, HM could be Sandy :)
I agree with Jennifer completely! I love your pictures!! :) Your daughters are all gorgeous and always look so happy!! :)

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