Daisy Award

Mmmmmmm, kay.  So Elaina decided to give me a blog award...in which I have to share 7 unusual/weird facts about myself.  I've known Elaina since high school and she mentioned two high school things when saying who she was passing the award on to, and they're pretty weird so I'm using them as two of the things, and I may not pass the award on because I don't even really read blogs often anymore unless you tag me on Facebook and say hey, go read this, which is what she did, so I don't know who is still actively blogging, much less reads my blog.  Elaina is entertaining you should go read her blog called yesterday's happenings.  Though her profile is a big liar and says she's still in Virginia, and she's not, she's living the dream in CA.  And by the dream I mean working at Disneyland.  The Happiest Place on Earth.  No really, I fully believe that.


1.  I wore cloaks.  Which really was just one cloak.  Which my mom made for me, it's dark grey and at the time I was certain I was allergic to wool, so I told her NOT to use wool on it even though it'd make it warmer.  She followed my command despite her better judgement.  It was Senior year of high school and I wore it instead of a coat.  Every. Day.  I liked it because I could hide in it, and yet at the same time, I was no longer invisible, so I wasn't really hiding.  Except in English class.  If I hid in my cloak, it really seemed to have magic powers and Ms. Plummer would leave me alone.  Except once.  But that was at the beginning of my wearing it.  I wore it everywhere, even Disneyland.  Kids at school I didn't know would say hi to me.  Not maliciously either, maybe mockingly, but not meanly.  Even though they called me Harry Potter and Little Vampire.  Which never made sense cause I had Hermione hair and am a girl......

2.  Also in high school, I got gypsy pounced.  Proof Elaina is psychotic and should be locked up.  JUST KIDDING!  Elaina thinks she's a gypsy.  (she mentions this in her seven things, go read it)  And we had 11th grade English together.  Ms. Yu was often late getting to the class room, so we'd all stand around outside waiting.  Or we'd sit around outside....and Elaina would sometimes randomly pounce on me.  I mean seriously random, she could go for weeks without doing it and then suddenly wham I'm falling over from the attack. She also delighted in pushing me off curbs.  Especially if Bryan Bailey aka "Mr. T" was infront of me. We also created our own sign language that year so we could talk in class after Ms. Yu moved us from sitting next to each other.  We had our own hand gesture for "Bryan Bailey aka Mr. T".  I had a big crush on him in case you couldn't tell.  He was my Junior year crush.  Along with Daniel Rosener and Alejandro Romero.  Yes, I was boy crazy.

3.  In my head I'm somewhere between age 14 and 22.  I have the self esteem of my 14 year old self, but the 22 year old knowledge that I'm responsible for my life and the lives of a few others.  I'm always curious as to what age other people are inside.  I never voice my curiousity, but it gives me something to ponder when I'm bored.

4.  I used to play trumpet.
I used to play clarinet.
I love that I know how, I love that I took music and band.  I hate that musical instruments, namely these two, make me think of spit.  Just the smell of them even makes me kinda nauseous now because they smell like spit to me.  Really they smell like the oil that you lubricate them with, but my brain associates it with spit and that's nasty.  Did you know brass instruments actually have a spit valve?  During band practice you had to keep a little bowl with you to drain the saliva into at the end of class (and middle of class).  Hurl.
I still have my clarinet, I should get some reeds and music for it. Mr. Man wants to teach DQ.

5.  When using a public restroom, and therefore paper towels, I must use two paper towels.  If I use more or less, I have a mini panic attack.  This is actually an improvement, as it used to be a four paper towel OCD, but then I got all environmentally conscience and worked my way into being okay with two paper towels.

6. Long nails freak me out.  I can tolerate them up to a quarter inch on women, but if there's more than a pencil line worth of white nail on a man's nails I kinda freak out a little.  I will tell Mr. Man when to cut his nails, because if they get too long I don't want to be anywhere near his hands for any reason.  I can't stand my nails longer than about an 8th of an inch, and the girls nails I keep short short short.  Well, DQ's get a bit longer, I cut hers today and they were a bit over an 8th of an inch, and filthy.  Hazel's get cut as soon as they are cutable because I don't want to get clawed, and Mischief's have to be kept cut because otherwise she will scratch herself to bleeding if we aren't careful (she may or may not have petit mal seizures, it's another thing being added to the list to look into once we have health insurance, my mother gave me the name for it I thought perhaps it was some learning disorder/autism symptom).  My mom always kept my nails really short and I have memories of her telling me they were dracula claws when they were long....and she would cut them with nail scissors, still don't know how she did it, I've tried on my kids, never worked.

7.  I hate breathing the same air as other people.  As in my face under 2 feet away from someone else.  I don't know if it's the smell (be it yucky or mouthwashy) or the warmth, or what.  I can't stand it.  I don't mind baby's breathing on me, but I can't breath on them, as though it will make them shrivel up.  This means if there's someone in my bed, I have to face a different direction from them, even if that results in me being in an uncomfortable position.  I'm just weird.

And there you have it.  7 random and weird things about me.  The only person I know who actively blogs and would do this is Juli, so Juli, you get the Daisy Award, I'd love to learn 7 unusual/weird things about you!


ladyelainaah said…
Until about 2 years ago I felt about 22. I would always forget and tell people I was 22 even when I wasn't. Now I think I'm 24.
sleepless said…
Interesting...even your mama didn't know some of these !!
Katie Bell said…
I feel that same way about men's finger nails. It's usually an employee at a thrift store which causes me to wonder if it's coincidence or job requirement?
I know what you mean with the age thing and how old you feel. My sister got a bumper sticker for Mom and Dad that was on their bathroom mirror for years. It said, "How old would you be, if you didn't know how old you are?" Even though on the far end of my 40s, I don't feel that old. I feel like I'm in my 30s most of the time, although on really vulnerable days, I'm about 12, and on exhausting days I think I'm about 80. :)

And paper towels? I don't have an OCD as far as the number I use, because I'm usually drying one of the girls' hands while we're out in public. I am OCD about using a paper towel to open the bathroom door, though. Public restroom door knobs thoroughly gross me out!

I'm like you with fingernails, too. Mine start bugging me when they get to be about an 1/8 of an inch in length, and I have to trim them weekly. They never, ever, ever make it to a full 1/4 of an inch! The girls' don't either. Hopper chews hers to nubs, and if I don't cut Scooter's every time I trim mine, she's scratching herself to the point of bleeding when she's asleep.

I can understand the breathing other people's air. If I can't smell the other person's breath, I'm okay, but if I can smell anything, I struggle with it.

We really are entirely too much alike! Not that that's a bad thing... :)
Juli said…
Trust me, you don't really want to know. :) But I will try... for you.

And since I'm still stuck at 26 in my head.... it should be interesting.
Trishgoger said…
In my band we just emptied the spit valves onto the carpet. GROSS!
Laurel said…
The other night Dave was trying to be nice and hugging me, but I was breathing his air and I felt like I was suffocating. I stayed put as long as I could take it, but then I thought I would die so I had to turn away from him.

In the morning I told him that I was sorry but I was breathing in his exhalations. He asked if I was going to fine him for CO2 emissions and laughed at me.

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